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Sunday, November 27, 2011

ARC Review: Let Me In by Lauren Hawkeye

I have adored the previous shorts in Lauren Hawkeye's Erotic Me series and Let Me In definitely does ends this series on a bang. But unlike the stories prior to this one, Let Me In is a bit more on the serious side and and packs a lot of story in a short amount of space. Let Me In, continues with the wedding theme and we are introduced to Imogen. Imogen and her husband have not had sex in over a year. Both love and care for one another but there is something lacking in the bedroom with them. When they overhear another couple at the wedding talking about finding a couple to hook up and have some fun with, Imogen finds herself turned on. Is it the prospect of sleeping with another man, or just being able to sleep with her husband again?

Let Me In was about so much more than a couple trying new things with others. It was about a husband and wife who seem to care and love one another breaking down the walls they have erected and coming together in a rather explosive way. I really enjoyed this story and I found myself pulling for Imogen and her husband. I wanted them to find a way to come together and I definitely was not disappointed.

As a whole, I have enjoyed all of the Erotic Me stories and I have definitely moved Lauren Hawkeye to my 'Must Buy' list. Her stories are very sexy and leave the reader clamoring for more.

**ARC copy provided by Bewitching Book Tours**



  1. I received an ARC copy as well so seeing your review really makes me want to read this!