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Monday, February 17, 2014

ARC Review: A Matchless Romance by Christi Barth

Fantastic writing. Fantastic characters. Fantastic chemistry. All fantastic together. I devoured this book. I just absolutely loved Tabitha Bell and Drew Watson. They were so likeable as individuals and equally as a couple. First, Drew is a computer-geek/ video game programmer. He has a difficult time speaking with women even though he is very attractive. He feels awkward around them and ends of saying the wrong things practically all the time. This becomes an issue for him when it costs him a client at his job. He runs into Tabitha-literally. Tabitha is beautiful and starting up her match making company. She is also a video game geek but hides it well. They are instantly attracted to each other but they both realize that they need each other’s help professionally. Drew needs to prove to his boss that he can interact well with female clients and Tabitha needs to make a name for her business.

Watching Tabitha and Drew together was so much fun. They do get into their predicaments. Drew is so socially awkward that it is really adorable. There are also a lot of layers to Drew. He is a very agile runner and even though he is a stereotypical geek, he is also ripped. It does not go unnoticed by other female runners. The best part about Drew is that he is such a sweet guy. He is always supporting Tabitha and honestly just loves her. Tabitha has her own insecurities. She has a history that haunts her. One of the best parts about this book for me was how they really got each other. Drew was geeky enough to be endearing for Tabitha and Drew knew that Tabitha was a top –level girl! (video game reference here for game fans) The other characters in the book really added to the sweetness of the story. Tabitha and her friends are typically girlfriends hanging out and giving each other advice and support, when needed. Her friends Mira, Daphne, and Mira all had their love matches in the previous Aisle Bound series.

I thought that Drew and Tabitha were so adorable and I just wanted them to work out their insecurities. They both felt that they were not good enough for the other and would reject each other before they could get hurt. Ms. Barth is such a talented writer. I felt like this book was a conversation with a friend. Tabitha and Drew are really such sweet people, they have excellent chemistry and completely complemented each other. If you’re looking for a great romance with two very likeable characters and funny moments, A Matchless Romance is a perfect match =) I can’t wait to read the next previous books in the series, I would recommend, re-read and buy this fantastic book!

**ARC provided by Author**

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