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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee

This book was completely unexpected! I thought I knew exactly who I was rooting for, and I thought I knew exactly how things would play out. I was absolutely wrong, and I couldn't be happier! Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee is so good, that I cannot even begin to tell you everything I love about it. There are so many twists and turns with this book, that you will be guessing the entire way through. Just when you think you have everything figured out, think again. I would love to tell you everything that made this book so great, but you will just have to read it because I can't spoil this one! Trust me, this book is worth the read!

Having left home years ago, Lila Garrison lives her life as a con artist. She works with her best friend Nick. Lila wants to go legit though and have a real relationship with Nick. When Nick tells Lila that he has run up a large gambling debt, she agrees to pull one last job with him in order to get the money to bail him out. The promise of getting out after the job and giving them a real chance is more than enough motivation for Lila to make this work and to do it quickly. But this job is unlike any other that Lila has ever done before. Lila is used to working over older men looking for a hot trophy wife. She isn't used to the mark being young and good looking like Tucker. The closer she gets to Tucker, the more the lines start to blur between real and fake. Lila doesn't understand why she is so drawn to Tucker, but she knows that she needs to figure out a way to keep her distance because she can't afford to make a mistake when her future with Nick is on the line.

I liked Lila. I thought that she was a bit shallow and selfish at first. She was definitely out to have the best life she could, and was willing to leave her family behind as well as use others to get to the top. I didn't really connect with that because I am so different, but I did understand her wanting a better life. But as the story goes on, you see that she really was becoming a different person and she wanted to be better. She was so young and definitely a bit immature at first, but she really started to see things differently and that made me really begin to like her and admire her for wanting to not be that person anymore. I really liked that she transformed with the help of Tucker and I thought that he really opened her eyes to the important things in life. When it comes to Nick, I have mixed feelings. I was really rooting for him from the beginning. I am a fan of friends to lovers stories, and I really thought that because of their past and friendship that he and Lila belonged together. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were times that I though Nick did some really great things for Lila and in those moments, you could really tell how much he cared. But there were other times that he was flat out selfish and it was clear that he was always looking out for himself and really only cared about his own interests. I felt bad for him at the end of the book. Not because he didn't deserve what was coming to him, but it was hard to see someone suffer because of their own actions. He was getting what he deserved, but he was still that character that you know can redeem himself so it was hard to watch.You could tell that he really did love and care about Lila, but in his own way. Tucker on the other hand, was one of my favorite characters ever! I loved him so much. At first, I was really rooting for Nick so I was kind of blinded to the possibility of Tucker. But he grew on me rather quickly and before long, he had completely won me over. He was sweet and charming, and a bit dorky with his cheesy pick-up lines (which I absolutely loved!). Tucker was a really great match for Lila, and I thought that they really brought out the best in each other. They had amazing chemistry, and you could definitely feel the sexual tension between them from the start.

Overall, I thought that this book was fantastic. I wish I could really get into every reason that this story was so amazing, but it really would ruin how everything plays out and I just can't do that. I really loved these characters, flaws and all. They were so interesting and deep, and they kept me turning the pages while I devoured this book. I really enjoyed seeing how everything played out, and I never knew what to expect next. I loved seeing how each of the characters reacted when secrets and lies were revealed, and how they handled the truth. I think that this book is an absolute must read and would highly recommend this one. Fans of New Adult I think will especially love this one, but really this is just a great book filled with amazing characters that I think most people will be able to easily connect with. Tucker, Lila and Nick are worth the read, and if you haven't read this one, you definitely should. I really liked Elizabeth Lee's writing style, and I can tell you that I will be looking for more from her in the future. I especially can't wait to read the next book in this series, Taking Something.

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