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Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett

After a thirty year hiatus, the Sandpiper Park Snatcher is back. Cady Bell and her boyfriend, Lon Butler, have been recruited to track him down. The head of the Hellfire Club, Ambrose Dare, wants the Snatcher found because he’s targeting children of the secretive demon club. Lon’s son, Jupe, is in danger too. Jupe is a coming of age demon. His knack is persuasion. An interesting talent for a teenage boy to possess. He and Cady are becoming friends. Jupe even has her symbol tattooed to his back. The manhunt centers on those in search of the transmutation spell, becoming half human and half demon. Demons have the ability to travel over space and time. Cady has acquired ancient powers as well. As a magician and moon child, she can bind demons and send them away. They find one person who escaped the Snatcher. She offers up an important clue, he has two different color eyes. The Hellfire Club employed a magician with that attribute. Cady and Lon find him, but he’s just a pawn for a more powerful demon. Children continue to be taken and Halloween is coming. Plus a traitor inside the Hellfire ranks increases the risks for everyone. Will Cady and Lon be able to stop the Snatcher?

This is the second book I have read in this series. The story line continues to be strong. Cady and Lon are becoming a family. Jupe is welcoming and hopeful Cady stays with his dad. The relationship isn’t rushed. Lon listens to her opinion and recognizes her strengths. They are a couple still getting to know each other and experimenting with how to use their powers together. Cady’s friends add humor and rivals for Lon. Cady is on a learning curve about her strength against others’ talents. She would make any man a force to be reckoned with and everyone knows it.

Cady doesn’t see her allure. Her otherness has been her burden and her gift. Lon accepts all, encourages her, and never takes advantage. They make good role models for Jupe, a formidable front against evil, and a cute couple. Highly recommended.

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