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Friday, June 20, 2014

ARC Review: Crave by Violet Vaughn

I will admit that the cover for Crave is what originally drew me in. I love it, and I knew that I wanted to read this one without ever having read the blurb. But honestly once I read the blurb, it was a done deal for me. I am so glad that I read this book, and I really ended up enjoying. Casey and Jason's story was one that will stick with me and was a lot of fun to read. This book is worth the read for Jason alone. He was amazing. 

Casey Cassidy leaves Vermont to head to Colorado after breaking up with the love of her life Jason. Jason is the perfect guy for Casey and they have a great relationship, except she wants a family and he doesn't. Casey tries to get over Jason and ends up getting a job as a ski instructor in Colorado. She meets Blaine through some friends of hers and develops feelings for him right away. Blaine is a former surfer turned skier and he helps Casey get better. While Casey and Blaine have an easy relationship and get along well, their relationship is missing the passion that she shared with Jason. Blaine is also keeping a secret from Casey and she begins to wonder if his desire for a family with her is enough after having what she did with Jason. When Jason suddenly appears in Colorado, Casey begins to wonder what she should do with her life. Can she give up Jason for a family, or will she be willing to sacrifice her desire to have kids in order to have the love of her life and the relationship she needs?

I loved Jason. He was sexy and sweet, and just a genuinely good guy. This is one of those book boyfriends that you want to be real so bad because he is absolutely perfect. He There is not a single thing bad about him, and I loved the way that he treated Casey. He took care of her and looked out for her, and he was willing to drop everything when she needed him even if it broke his heart in the process. He just wanted Casey to be happy and would do anything to make that happen. Casey was frustrating. I understand her desire for a family and kids was really important to her, but I just wanted to shake her for giving up so easily on Jason at the beginning. She was hurting him, and I know that she was hurting herself as well. She and Jason were just so perfect that I couldn't understand her choices even though I saw what she was going through. I really loved seeing the evolution of her character though because she really grew so much over the course of this book. She started to realize just what she was willingly giving up, and I am glad that she came to her senses. She also realized how childish some of her actions were and that was good for her to figure out as well. She had such amazing chemistry with Jason and they were smoking hot together. But they also were perfect for each other on every other level, and they just made such an adorable match.

Overall, this story was really good. I enjoyed Jason and Casey together and really liked seeing them have such a great time together doing what they both loved. But I also loved Blaine. I felt so badly for him because he was clearly struggling, and he was such a great guy. I was glad that he and Casey were such great friends and that she was able to be supportive of him. I have to admit that his secret didn't shock me at all, and I pretty much saw it coming from the first time we met him. But I loved his character and would love to see more of him in the future. I did feel like his secret and the relationship between him and Casey took longer to be sorted out than was necessary. Things seemed to carry on a lot longer than I would have liked, and I was ready for her and Jason to get back together. Because as great as Casey and Blaine both were it was clear that they didn't belong together like Casey and Jason did. I would still recommend this book though, and I really liked it a lot. I also really liked Violet Vaughn's writing style and found this book extremely easy to become invested in. I didn't want to put it down, and read it pretty much straight through. I can't wait to read the next book Release and see some of the other characters get their HEA as well as see what else Violet Vaughn comes up with in the future.

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