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Saturday, October 4, 2014

ARC Review: Sex Unlimited: The Complete Volumes by Kathryn Perez

Sex Unlimited was originally released in three parts, but Kathryn Perez has since released it in its entirety. I am so glad that I didn't have to read this as three installments and wait in between each because I really think it might have killed me. Trust me when I tell you that once you start reading these you are not going to want to stop! I absolutely devoured this story, and I loved every bit of it! I cannot wait to read more from Kathryn Perez after reading Sex Unlimited.

After finding out that her husband of fifteen years cheated on her and getting a divorce, Candace winds up on an online dating site where she gets a message from the sexy Brisban. They agree to sex only and arrange to meet at a hotel to fulfill their needs and passion. The chemistry and attraction between them is instant and they connect on a level that they never have with anyone else. The more they meet up though, the more things begin to change from just sex to something more than that. But with Candace's past suddenly reappearing and Brisban's past also not settled, things between them quickly get more complicated than ever before. Can Brisban and Candace figure things out between them, or will there be too many obstacles standing in their way?

Brisban was so sexy! I loved his character. He was such a dirty talker and I loved it! But I also really liked how sweet and patient he was. He wanted to show Candace how beautiful she was and how he appreciated her more than just as someone in his bed. He was just such a great guy, and I loved how he put everything into showing her how he felt. Candace was great as well. She had been through a lot and was hesitant to put herself out there again. But I loved how she didn't let her fears hold her back. She went after what she wanted and wasn't afraid to find what she was looking for. I loved Brisban and Candace together, and they were so steamy! But I also loved that they were honest with one another and could say what was on their mind without fear of the other one reacting badly. I thought that their relationship developed naturally and was so real and believable, even with how things started between them.

Overall, this story was fantastic! I have been in a slump lately and this book pulled me right out of it! It was super hot and sexy, while also being sweet and emotional. I loved seeing Brisban and Candace both deal with their pasts and begin their relationship together. I loved their journey and didn't want this book to end. I highly recommend this book to romance fans of all genres, and I think there is something for everyone in this book. I really do believe that this one is a must read and can't wait to read more from Kathryn Perez in the future!

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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