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Friday, October 3, 2014

ARC Review: Stone, At Your Service by Rie Warren

A contemporary romance from Stone’s POV, started off a little iffy for me but quickly picked up and ended all wrapped up in a neat little bow. Typically not a fan of first person or of having it in the guys perspective is what had me hesitant to how much I was going to enjoy this, but the quirky and eclectic characters together with the funny and unfortunate series of events leads to a very enjoyable read. Stone is a great Dad who really stepped up when his wife just up and left. He is a manly man but when it comes to his son he is all mush he even sings Disney princess song for him, such an awww kind of thing. Leelee is also a great character she is so sweet, she just needed to find her back bone. The secondary characters are the hysterical flamboyant wild and crazy authors. Makes you think if they are written from experience or just a gross exaggeration.

Josh Stone puts his son first than a close second the shop his father left him a family legacy that he plans to pass down. It’s also a great place to pick up chicks not that he has gotten serious about anyone since his ex-wife left him. She is only his ex by the luck and sheer determination of his best friend, Nick, who searched high and low for her and made her sign divorce papers. To pay Nick back and just because he is like a brother to him, Stone agrees to pretend to be Nick’s boyfriend. Nick a straight man that has made it big writing romance novels lied to fellow authors to get their nagging to stop, so he lied and told them he was gay and in a relationship. His lie is finally catching up with him and now he needs Stone to pretend he’s the boyfriend for the convention. Stone grudgingly agrees. Of course when you least expect it love smacks you in the face. Leelee Songbird is a rising new star in the romance world and one look at her and Stone is in deep shit. Leelee’s bad break up has left her wary but Stone is charming and he quickly wins her over, if only he wasn’t pretending to be gay it would be so much easier, (but not as fun to read.) The week they are together Stone being gay and Leelee needing a friend they fight off pervie agents and ball busting talent scouts, as well as Stone strutting down the cat walk and both becoming the talk of the romance community. But secrets this big rarely can be kept and after Leelee’s last disaster of a relationship can she trust Stone with her heart?

It was a fun read and I enjoyed this more than the last Rie Warren book I read. The next book in the series is Nick’s story; do I plan on reading it? Maybe, depends on how intriguing the story sounds, especially since it hinted at it at the end of the book.

**ARC provided by Author**

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  1. This sounds interesting, I really enjoyed your review!! Its always different when its in the hero's perspective.