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Thursday, February 4, 2016

ARC Review: Play Hardest by J.T. Fox

Play Hardest is the third and final installment in the Hot for Him series from J.T. Fox. This installment picks up after the events of the first two books and needs to be read in order as it is the continuation of Jordan and Eric's story. After how the last installment ended, I couldn't wait to get more of these two. I needed to know what happened, and I enjoyed seeing more of these two sexy guys. 

Jordan and Eric have been trying to figure out who is blackmailing them, but so far they have been unable to. At the end of Play Harder, it appeared that the blackmailer had escalated things when Eric's helmet was tampered with and he wound up in the hospital. Though Jordan and Eric didn't want to go public and fought their feelings for one another, Jordan knew he would do whatever it took to get to the bottom of who was behind the blackmail. But will they be able to catch the person responsible and find a way to have successful careers if the truth about them is revealed? 

I was really torn about how to feel after the ending of the last installment. I really enjoyed the heat and chemistry between these two and was glad to see them finally exploring that. But I was also very frustrated with Jordan's actions. I really loved how he made up for that here though, and it was good to see these two finally working towards a future together. They seemed to really be on the same page and I was glad that they were able to see what was really important here. Their chemistry was never in question, but I will admit that their connection was a bit of a harder sell for me. While it was clear that these two were developing something, I felt like it was a bit too insta-love for me to really believe in the intensity of their feelings at that stage. Not that I didn't believe it would get there, I just didn't think that it was possible for these two to really be in love with how hot and cold they had both been running. There was so much running and push and pull, that we didn't really get to see them actually together for any length of time before they were full steam ahead. 

Overall, this was a good sexy series and I enjoyed Jordan and Eric's story. I do think that things felt a bit rushed here, and I would have liked to have seen more of Jordan and Eric together. I think had we experienced this as one novel rather than three short installments, it might have seemed a bit more cohesive and possibly more realistic. But I really just wanted to see more development and emotional connection between Jordan and Eric and I don't feel like we ever fully got that. If you like short and sexy M/M stories and hot football players, I recommend giving this series a shot. Jordan and Eric were very steamy together and I liked their characters a lot.

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