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Sunday, March 6, 2016

ARC Review: Dark Confessions by Angie Sandro

O.k. First off this is not a young adult like the previous books in the series. This one is told from the POV of Sheriff‘s Deputy Elizabeth Caine, who in the previous books has acted as a mother figure to Mala; and Ferdinand Lafitte also not a young adult. This is also not a stand alone, the last book left off as a cliffhanger (ARG) and this one picks up right after. I will do my best to review without spoilers and yet give enough detail to tantalize you into reading the series. I love Mrs. Sandro’s writing style she gives wonderful active setting, it pulls me into the humid Louisiana swampland and the magical fighting between witches is outstanding.

If you missed the previous book, Mala LaCroix was kidnapped. Mala is the rightful hoodoo queen, but her great aunt, Magnolia, was such a horrible woman Mala doesn’t want anything to do with anything she had; not taking her place as queen started a fraction war. Bess now must trust a man who broke her heart and did nothing but lie since the beginning. Ferdinand isn’t a liar; he just can’t tell Bess the truth of what really happened. He sold his soul to the hoodoo queen Magnolia, a blood bond that keeps him from revealing secrets; he couldn’t even if he wanted every time he tries the curse chokes him and can result in his death. He is, however, the only one who can help find Mala. Showing everyone he means well and that he really had no part in the events of the previous books Bess decides to trust him with the live of Mala and with her heart. Just thinking about that part of the book makes my spine tingle.

Bess, Ferdinand, Dena, Anders, George, and Landry are running from one fraction; who wants to kill Mala and trying to find the other who currently has Mala in their custody and are trying to trade her off for some scientific research done by a mad scientist. Ferdinand has his own reasons for wanting Mala back safe and sound and it has everything to do with his love for Bess. Constant battles between good and evil, surprise characters and a sassy ghost make this a quick and easy to read, funny, fast paced paranormal romance. Overall it fits right in with how great the other books in the series are and leaves you wanting more. And I think George is finally going to his own book!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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