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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Audiobook Review: Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley, Narrated by Kate Russell

Kristen Ashley’s books have such great reviews online that I jumped at the chance to review “Walk Through Fire” the fourth book in the Chaos MC series. The author and the fact that it was an MC book really captured my interest. Before I continue I know that Ashley has a strong fan base and some of my favorite authors actually recommend her stories. I’m sorry to say that this story irritated me to no end and the only reason I gave it a two star was because I wanted to know why the heroine- Millie Cross and the hero- Logan “High” Judd- broke up. I disliked this story so much this just might be the last Ashley book I ever review/read/hear. 

First, the heroine-Millie. Now, I like all types of heroines and there are very few that I don’t like, but I did not like Millie. I just could not find myself to empathize with her. Twenty years ago- she was about 21- she broke off her relationship with Logan. Twenty years later, yes! Twenty years! She has never dated or down anything other than start a business. She never had another partner, lover-nada. While this might seem enduring, I found it to be pathetic. I just could not believe this heroine. Aside from the before mentioned, she has spent twenty years moping about her relationship with Logan-a relationship that she ended. I felt bad for her and I continued to be intrigued, why did she break things off with Logan if they were obviously so happy when they were dating in their early 20s? I was hoping that when I found out the reason she would be more endearing to me. She wasn’t. Not only does she spend the last twenty years of her life wallowing over Logan, every single time she is “ready” to move on he walks back in and she is right back where she started. I cannot express the level of aggravation I felt with Millie. She was not romantic nor endearing but she was very sorry.

Another aspect that I could not get past was Logan. What in the world did she see in him? He was awful. Now, I love Alpha men but Logan was no alpha. He was more like a lost and sorry puppy. I hate to even use the word puppy, because they are endearing. Logan was not. He treats Millie like crap when she goes to the club and they rekindle their physical relationship, stalks her and then bosses her around. Honestly-what a loser.

Besides these two very weak characters was the awful dialogue. I can honestly say, it was the worst dialogue I have ever heard. I cannot imagine anyone or any two people having the conversations these two had. Next, if the author mentioned the title of the book one more time, I was going to throw the cd at the wall. “Walk Through Fire” was said at least, 50 times. The storyline was awful. When I finished the first cd I wanted to cry when I realized there were two more to follow. Lastly, deep sigh…. Even though this book is about a Motorcycle club, there is very little MC life that Ashley enlightens me on… I found it to be very amateurish. The narrator, I wish did better at projecting the voices of the characters, but really she only brought to live very irritating and nonsensical characters. I don’t even want to get started on the meddlesome club old ladies…. Needless to say, I was not a fan. Again, as I said previously, this book has received very high ratings but for me it fell very short of my expectations and even tolerance.

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