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Monday, March 7, 2016

ARC Review: Unexpected Rush by Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton has been one of my go-to authors since I first started reading romance. Her Play by Play series has been one of my all-time favorites, with the first two books (Mick and Gavin Riley) being on my permanent list of book boyfriends. I am sad to say that the last few books in this series though have lost steam, and haven't had the same feel to them. I debated on reading this book because of that, but Unexpected Rush is one of my absolute favorite tropes and I decided that Jaci Burton was worth taking another chance on. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite book of hers to date, and I think that I am calling it quits with this series. 

Barrett Cassidy plays defense for the Tampa Hawks. Harmony Evans is his best friend and teammate's little sister. Though the attraction is there, Barrett knows the unspoken rule that sisters are off limits. But Harmony is determined to show Barrett and they could be great together. When Harmony begins to work for him designing and renovating the house he just bought, they begin to spend more time together and Barrett begins to realize he can only put up so much of a fight.

I felt no connection to these characters, and that was one of the biggest problems for me. Barrett was a good guy, and yet I didn't fall in love with him. I liked him, but it was all on the surface. Harmony however I did not like from the very beginning of this story. While she got a bit better over the course of the story, I never did come to like her character. My biggest issue with her was how hard she pursued Barrett. I am all for the woman chasing the guy, but Harmony was so relentless that it became pathetic how much she was throwing herself at him. If it had been the hero doing the things she did, readers would be up in arms about it. She bordered on sexual harassment more than once and it was such a turn off. While there was attraction between them, their actions here just never got me there in believing that they had a real connection. I never saw it really develop, and I didn't see why they supposedly liked each other or how they had anything more than lust.

I also thought that this book was very predictable and didn't offer anything new. This was the same familiar trope, with nothing special to stand out. The sex scenes were sadly repetitive and while they weren't cringe worthy, they weren't exciting. They didn't pack the same amount of steam I am used to Jaci's books having, and it just felt like they were going through the motions. Unfortunately, this book was uninspired and it really felt like Jaci Burton's heart wasn't in this one. If I hadn't known she was the author, I would have probably DNF'd this one and wouldn't have been able to tell you it was her writing. I really thought that this one would turn around at some point, but I ended up being really disappointed here.

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