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Sunday, May 1, 2016

ARC Review: Moth by Jennifer Foor

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Foor's, so when I saw she had a new book coming out I couldn't wait to read it! The blurb drew me in, and I was so excited for Moth. While there were things I liked here, I had mixed feelings on the story as a whole. This wasn't exactly what I had been expecting and there were some things that I struggled with here. 

After a mission gone wrong and his brother being found dead, DEA agent Timothy "Moth" Douglas is determined to get to the bottom of everything that has happened. He will do whatever it takes to make those involved pay for his brother's death. Needing to get close to those that knew his estranged brother, Moth goes undercover as a college student. He knows that Windy Lewis has information that he needs and he knows that she is lying based on what he has discovered and the story that she told the cops. But what starts out as him getting closer to her for information quickly turns into more when he finds himself unable to avoid the pull she has on him. The more their connection grows, the more he begins to wonder if she will be his downfall and if it will come down to him having to choose between justice for his brother or love.

I loved that we got Moth's POV here, and I really enjoy stories that are told from the hero's POV. I find it just gives an interesting twist to romance novels. But while I enjoyed this one being told that way, I also felt like we never fully got to know the heroine here. She just felt surface deep, and I wanted more. Because of that, I wasn't able to feel connected to her or invested in the story the way I would have liked. There was definitely heat and chemistry between them, but I just wanted something deeper. I will say that I thought Jennifer Foor absolutely nailed Moth's character though. He was crude and crass, and it was so authentic and believable. While some might have a problem with that, I thought that it was so perfectly done and felt so genuine to the character that I loved it. 

My biggest issue though was that I had a tough time getting into this book. The first half had some promising moments and I knew that there was a ton more to this story was a bit slow to draw me in and I kept losing interest. It felt slow and overly detailed in a way that focused on telling rather than showing. It just didn't have a lot to hold my interest, despite the fact that I wanted to know more. While the story did eventually pick up and there were twists and turns here that definitely took me by surprise, this book wasn't my favorite of Foor's. I think that there are a lot of readers that will enjoy the story, but this wasn't a personal favorite of mine. If you are a fan of romantic suspense and like books told from the male POV this one is worth giving a shot. I really enjoy Jennifer Foor's books, so this won't be the last I read from her.

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