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Sunday, August 21, 2016

ARC Review: As Rich as a Rogue by Jade Lee

Rakes & Rogues book three. If you missed the first two that’s okay it is perfect as a standalone. Jade Lee brings a horrible situation and remedies it hilariously. At the very beginning you want to hate Peter Norwood, Mari Powell was given a horrible nickname by someone she once liked, but once she overheard him saying bad things about her and her sister she vowed never to forgive him. Mari lived the last six years trying to overcome the name The Wayward Welsh. I wasn’t inclined to kind feeling toward him after his first introduction either; it wasn’t until about halfway through I thought, well damn he is a nice guy. I think one of the most annoying things about Peter was that he was completely oblivious to the harm he caused and didn’t even take the blame for it after he acknowledged it. But the ending was kind of sweet. There is a fine line between love and hate and I think that’s why I enjoy love/hate tropes as much as I do. It’s always enjoyable to see the slow or sudden realization that the characters feelings are not what they thought and after all this time the hurt gets mended and the true feelings are allowed to emerge. That’s what happened with Mari. Peter on the other hand had good intentions when he said what he did, he just said them to the biggest gossip in the known world and his good intentions were taken wrong. In retaliation Mari called him a bunch of names and Peter realized she was right and he left to make something of himself. Now six years later he is back a man who has made a name of himself and now he wants a wife and the only one that he wants is Mari. He just has to convince her of that. How? He is going to do that is with a bet.

The bet, who can teach the bird their phrase will win. Mari would win an apology from Peter on bended knee for giving her the horrid nickname. But if Peter should win he would get a kiss from Mari and so starts his seduction and admitting to Mari why he did what he did.

Overall, the book was funny with a sweet ending. Jade Lee is a great writer she’s always entertaining.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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