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Saturday, August 27, 2016

ARC Review: Ruthless by Lexi Blake

Ruthless is a really fun ride for all you readers who love contemporary romance that crosses over into suspense. There are layers upon layers of secrets, lots of action, some drama and some smoking hot sex. After reading this book, I am positive I will return to this series for more! Don't freak out that this is part of a series, it is a standalone read.

The series and this book is about the Lawless siblings. All of the brothers are sexy, dominating alpha males....with issues, of course. There is one sister who is married to yet another bossy alpha male. The whole family has been through some really rough times. The siblings' parents were murdered when they were younger and they were in the house when it happened. Their father got blamed for murdering their mother and trying to kill them but the siblings know that's not what really happened. They have made their life's mission to find out who really murdered their parents and destroy that person.

Enter Ellie. Ellie, by virtue of her birth, finds herself (unknowingly) in the Lawless revenge cross hairs. The Lawless' and Riley Lawless in particular believe that Ellie's father was involved in the murder of their parents. Unfortunately, Ellie's father is dead so Riley decides to exact his revenge plan on Ellie. Now, clearly this posed problems for me right away. I thought it was stupid to take out the sins of the Father on the daughter. I also thought it was short sighted considering the complexities surrounding the murder and the fact that Ellie was a kid who couldn't have been involved.

Don't worry though. When Riley meets Ellie it is instant attraction. Riley is drawn to Ellie in a way he has not been drawn to any other woman. Ellie is strong and smart but still has a soft tender side that appeals to Riley. As Riley gets to know Ellie, he finds out that she was as much her father's victim as he and his siblings were. Of course that shifts Riley's perspective and makes him want to protect Ellie instead of destroying her life. Sadly, sometimes once you set certain things in motion, it's impossible to just press the pause button.So Riley kind of does wind up causing Ellie some major problems. I won't spoil it for you but the journey back from the mess the Lawless siblings make of Riley's life is thrilling and entertaining.

I love the connection that develops between Riley and Ellie. I also appreciated that not everything could be wrapped up in a neat bow. There is a HEA but it cost both characters somewhere to get there. Riley is hot. The sex is steamy and the romance is great. I love Lexi Blake and I suggest you get into this series by her.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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