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Monday, August 22, 2016

ARC Review: Body Contact by Cathryn Fox

This book is a continuation of the first installment. They are so short that they really aren’t separate books but I’m not even going to get into one of my rants about that. Jack is still helping Danielle to learn about sex so that she can be an effective sex therapy professor or whatever. Danielle is still a virgin and remains that way throughout the book (more on that later). 

Of course, as this book goes on Jack feels increasingly more towards Danielle than the teacher student relationship and vice versa. Jack in particular gets all cave man-ey when other guys are looking at Danielle and begins internally referring to her as “mine.”  We also meet Jack’s brothers who tease him mercilessly and set him up to take things with Danielle to the next level. That was cute in a frat boy sort of way.  For her part, Danielle also realizes that she feels more for Jack than just wanting him to be her teacher. Danielle likes Jack and keeps telling him that she would not want to be on this sexual journey with anyone but him.

I wanted to know what other people were saying about this book so I looked at some of the other reviews. Other readers are quite happy with this installment so take what I’m about to tell you with a grain of salt. If I had to describe my primary feeling when reading this book, it would be “annoyed.” I just didn’t understand the connection between Jack and Danielle. I don’t get where it came from or how it got so serious so quickly.  I also totally do NOT understand why Jack and Danielle have gone through another installment in this series without getting it on. Their ENTIRE relationship is about sex but they don’t have it….I’m lost.  At the same time, they are doing things that are level 10 for the highly sexual active. Like they go to a BDSM club and Danielle let’s Jack tie her up.  But no actual sex….there is watching sex, talking about sex (in explicit detail) and performing various sexual acts, but no you know what in the you know where. WHY? WHY? To make things even more confusing (annoying) Jack is obsessed with getting it on with Danielle and talks about it and thinks about it constantly….but doesn’t do it. Whatever. I’m tired just reliving this experience.

I don’t know. I like this author and the book is ok. I just found it aggravating. Don’t count this one out but don’t be mad at me if you find yourself irritated while reading it, I warned you.

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