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Monday, October 10, 2016

ARC Review: Come to Me Quietly by A.L. Jackson

I really loved Come To Me Quietly. It was a great story and I couldn't put it down. While this isn't my first book from AL Jackson, I am always impressed with her beautiful writing. If you haven't read anything by her yet, this is definitely one worth taking a chance on. 

After everything that he has been through, Jared doesn't believe that he deserves to find love since he destroys everything he touches. But when he returns to town and runs into an old friend, he finds himself staying with Christopher and his sister Aleena. Chris and Aly had once been his best friends, but neither of them are the same people they once were, especially Aly. Though Jared is drawn to Aly, he is determined to stay away from her since he knows that he would only destroy her. But it becomes harder and harder to fight what is between them, and Aly is just as determined to show him that what they have together is worth taking a chance on. 

I absolutely loved both Aly and Jared. They had so much history and I was instantly captivated with their story. I had to know more about them and what all had happened to make Jared leave everything behind. My heart broke for him as he was so hard on himself. I just knew there was so much to this sweet guy that you didn't know and I couldn't wait to find out what it was. Aly was perfect for him, and I was so glad that she didn't give up on him. She gave him exactly what he needed and I couldn't have imagined anyone better for him. Their chemistry was strong, but it was their undeniable connection that made them such a special couple.

I will say that there were times that Jared frustrated me with how down on himself he got. He kept pushing Aly away because he didn't believe he was good enough for her, and after awhile it got a bit old. I still really loved the story and the characters, but that was what kept this one from being a five star read for me. I am excited that AL Jackson has continued their story in another book. While there is a good stopping point here, there is room for more and I am excited to see what happens next for them. I highly recommend this one to NA fans and readers who love emotional romance stories.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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