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Sunday, October 9, 2016

ARC Review: A Fool For You by Katee Robert

I have to start by saying that Katee Robert is one of my favorite authors. She does a fantastic job of mixing contemporary romance with erotic elements. KR is also just a really good story telling and writer. All of those things are present in this book and for that reason, I recommend it. 

This is Hope and Daniel's story. I think this is the second book in a series but it is a standalone and you can read it without reading the first book. Hope and Daniel have history. They were a couple when Hope was 18 and Daniel was 21. Their relationship ended with a terrible car accident that claimed the life of Hope's older brother and Daniel's best friend. From that point on, human nature gets in the way and things get complex. Daniel blames himself for everything that happens so he isolates himself from Faith. To Faith, it feels like she has lost so much and her one true love ditches her. The two go on about their lives and reunite 13 years later. They have what they think is a one time wall bang but oh does fate have different plans. Hope gets pregnant and then the couple has to decide if they can heal their past hurts and move forward with their little family. 

So here's the thing for a reader like me, I hate when characters are unreasonable. In this book, both of the main characters are a little stuck on stupid. Daniel wants to keep blaming himself for the past. Hope won't give up her ideas about a future by herself miles away from Daniel, even though she is having his baby. I really love the parts of the book where the couple took time outs from their issues. Daniel is bossy, sexy and really loves the idea of a pregnant Hope. Hope is smart and really insightful about what Daniel needs to see about himself to heal. Hope and Daniel are good together but OMG, their issues constantly popping up is super annoying. Despite all the good chemistry and love between them, they keel revisiting the BS and driving me crazy. I was rooting for these two but I also wanted to slap them.

All things considered, this is a well written, fast paced, good story. Because I can't stand overly stubborn characters or heroines who try to keep babies from loving Dads, it gets 3 stars from me.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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