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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ARC Review: Make Me Stay by Rebecca Brooks

Make Me Stay is the first book in the Men of Gold Mountain series by Rebecca Brooks. I was excited about this one because I love sports romance stories and Austin is a retired skier and this one sounded like it would check all my boxes. I have to say though that while there were some cute and sexy moments here, ultimately I had a tough time getting over a few details and that kept me from loving the story. 

Austin retired from a successful skiing career after an injury changed his life. Now Gold Mountain is his home and refuge and Kane Enterprises threatens to ruin everything for Austin once again. When Austin meets Sam on the slopes, he has no idea that his sexy one-night stand is also Samantha Kane, the woman determined to get him to sell his land for her to develop. As Sam and Austin start to fall for one another it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out. 

Sam and Austin had a lot of chemistry. They were great together, and their scenes were sexy. They were clearly forming a connection and I would have loved to have seen the focus more on that, rather than the secret being dragged out to the very end. As much as I loved these two together, the secret about Sam's identity seemed to be used solely for the purpose of building conflict and I would have preferred to see these two deal with that earlier so that we could have seen more depth to their relationship. 

As much as I wanted to really love Austin, the author made that a bit impossible as she made him come off as a bit too stupid for my liking. Austin knew he was supposed to be meeting a woman named Samantha Kane, and yet when he bumped into a woman named Sam he was just completely clueless. I found that to be completely unbelievable and hurt my enjoyment of the story as well as how much I could like Austin's character. I think that this book had potential, but unfortunately it was just hard for me to really feel invested when things were unrealistic for me right off with this story. Don't get me wrong it was still a good read, and aside from that it was a sweet and sexy romance. I would read more in the series and I think contemporary fans will enjoy this story even if they don't all love it.

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