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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ARC Review: Pull Me Closer by Sidney Halston

Pull Me Close is a book that I think you readers who love romance and emotion will truly appreciate.  This is the story of Katherine and Nico. The author spends quality time in this book building these characters and drawing you into what makes each of them unique. Nico has a history of being betrayed by a woman with some serious issues. He figures that the last thing he needs in his life is a woman with issues. Enter Katherine who has more issues than Vogue magazine.

I have to say, when you think of 'how I met your mother' type stories, the first thing that comes to mind is not 'I met your Mom when she was losing her shit in the middle of a panic attack.' That's how Katherine and Nico meet. I was fascinated by the whole thing because I was wondering how the author was going to build a love story from the hot mess that was Katherine and Nico. Nico thinks Katherine is a druggie, Katherine thinks Nico is an a-hole (which he was at first) then BAM, love starts to grow.

Katherine has a serious issue with anxiety.  She is basically scared of everything and lives in a self imposed prison. When you find out why she has the fears she has you will have to say 'ok, yeah, that totally makes sense.' This is the first book I've read about a survivor of the crisis Katherine went through.  When dealing with a topic that so many people are familiar with, the author could have easily gone wrong but she didn't.  I felt like this book was really believable in terms of what happened to Katherine and how she responded.  I really felt her agony and her struggle to reconnect with the world. It was deep.

In his own way Nico has also locked himself off because of fear. He, like Katherine, found himself the victim of a situation over which he had no control. As a result, he tries to control everything and just winds up making himself and the people around him miserable. You wouldn't think Katherine and Nico would be a good match. They were both a little dysfunctional. But, I love a story about how two people can offset each others crazy. That is what happened in this book. Katherine was honest and non-judgmental because of all that she had been through. Nico needed that more than anything.

The falling in love part of this book is so sweet. These are two characters you really want to see happy and you feel good when things work out for them. The only reason this book is a 3 star and not higher for me is because there just isn't any edge to it. I just need a little more steam and grit to keep me into the story. But if you just like a good romance story, this book is a 4 or a 5 for you easily.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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