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Saturday, October 29, 2016

ARC Review: My Addiction by Cassie Ryan

This is the second book in the "Club Desire" series.  I read the first book as well but I see no reason you need to read both. You can start reading this series wherever you would like.

This installment features Kate and Dex.  If you read "My Obsession" you met Dex during that book. This is a BDSM club novel (in case you had not guessed).  Dex is a a dominant alpha male who Kate recognizes and wants to submit to from the minute she meets him. I have feelings about this book that are similar to my feelings about the first book in this series- the book is good in terms of kink and erotic content.  Ryan is outstanding at writing BDSM scenes that FEEL authentic.  Now, mind you, I've never been involved in a real life scene so I have no point of real comparison.  I can just tell you that as someone who reads a lot of books with BDSM elements, this one struck me as being a good representation. I like that Ryan builds a lot of emotion into the scenes involving sexual intimacy.  If you are writing about a sex club, there is a risk that you overdo it with the kink and neglect the romance aspects. I didn't get that vibe in this book.  The sex is actually a part of the romance...if that makes sense.

I'm not sure how I feel about the heroine, Kate.  Kate is a submissive at an elite club featured in the book that serves the rich and powerful (several of whom have serious character flaws).  Kate is supposed to be the submissive with edge who is not afraid to assert herself.  I guess that kind of works but it causes some conflict because some of her choices don't make sense.  Dex is very intriguing and the perfect flavor of dominant to get me interested.  Dex is compelling from the first scenes that he is in.  The fact that he turns out to be an undercover FBI agent was an interesting twist.  The best thing about Dex is the serious chemistry between him and Kate.  Like it immediately leaps off the pages at you.  Every scene between the two of them is FIRE.  

Ryan seems to follow the pattern she started in the first book in the series of building in some suspense.  I'm not really sure how I feel about this.  Similar to the first book, I felt like the whole suspense line was really shallow.  There was supposed to be some mystery but it was really obvious and easy to figure out.  That's ok I guess but it makes me feel like the suspense is just a page burner.  The other thing that stopped this from being a great book for me is that there were things about Kate that just never made sense to me.  I feel like this author does her best work when she is focused on the kink but things can get a little vague outside of those scenes.  I would still recommend this book for any readers who like the sex/club BDSM sub-genre.

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