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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review: The Return by Erin Knightley

Ashley Montoya has recently returned to Sunnyville to care for her mother. After her mother passes, Ashley starts wondering what to do with her life, since everything used to revolve around taking care of her mom. She revisits her dream from childhood, barrel racing, but she has no contacts or any idea where to start with the logistics.

Mack McLeroy is a professional bull rider, but has a horrible accident leaving him lucky to be alive. However, all he wants to do is get back on the bull so he's trying to get through therapy. Poor guy also loses his sponsorship, but he has a plan to contact his old high school girlfriend, Ashley, hoping she can help him out.

Initially Mack has a door shut in his face by Ashley since he was a jerk and broke her heart back in high school. However, Ashley ultimately realizes that Mack can help her achieve her dreams. They strike the deal. Then as the two get to know each other again, they learn that things in life have changed them both.

I was overwhelmed with all of the country analogies in this book. Most were cute and creative, but I felt that they were happening too often. I also felt that Mack didn't show enough change for me to forgive what he did to Ashley. Mack also felt underdeveloped when comparing his character to Ashley's

What I did like mostly was Ashley. She went through so much with her mom's illness, and I thought she was so courageous to go after her dream from childhood. She really drove the story for me as I really wanted her to find happiness.

This is a part of James Patterson's Book Shots, which are books you can devour in a couple hours time. It doesn't take much commitment, and you get a little booster for your book craving. I think these types of books would be great for very busy people who don't feel they have enough time to read. It was a sweet country romance that will tear at your heartstrings!

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