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Saturday, January 28, 2017

ARC Review: Mr. Dangerously Sexy By Stefanie London

Addison and Logan run Addison's Father's security business after he passes away. Things have been going well for the two in terms of business but when this story begins Addison is feeling like she needs to move on a start her own business. Right from the beginning I got the impression that part of the reason Addison is wanting to spread her wings is because she has lost hope in a romantic relationship with Logan. The two actually spent a hot night together when Addison's father died but Logan has issues. You know the "issues." The super hot alpha male who can't commit- Logan.  

I'm not exactly sure how or why the suspense portion of this book arises. I kind of thought it was thrown in there just to create a backdrop for the romance to make sense. I'm not knocking it at all. The suspense was interesting and twisty. It just seemed like it came out of the blue. So anyway, Addison is threatened and Logan comes to the rescue. He is acting out of loyalty to Addison's father who he promised he would protect Addison. Logan feels like he's already felled at that because he banged and bounced....ugh, I just made that up and it was terrible. Whatever, he feels bad because he slept with her and did not pursue a relationship. I'm sort of confused about why Logan was afraid he would fail at protecting Addison while at the same time not admitting his attraction towards her. It seemed like things would be easier if Logan just admitted his feelings but you know we have to keep things interesting.

Logan is able to ward off Addison's stalker while we struggle to guess what is going on. Meanwhile the romance between Addison and Logan grows and develops until neither one of them can resist their feelings. I don't know, it was just ok for me. The romance was nice I guess and Addison and Logan seemed like they belonged together. There were just things about this book that kind of confused me and I think I got hung up on them. For example, why was Addison starting another company to compete with her Dad's former company and poaching clients from the Dad's company? That made no sense to me and it also made me kind of not like Addison. Even more than that though, I just wanted Addison to assert herself more. Like don't get mad and run away from the company. Just stand up for yourself. I was also irritated that Logan took so long to figure out his feelings and that part of what he did was dating someone else to prove to Addison that he did not want a relationship with her (boooooo). Last the steamy scenes were just ok. Nothing to really get your engine going or that was memorable. Not bad, just average.

All in all, this is pretty decent read that provides some entertainment, romance and suspense.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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