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Thursday, January 26, 2017

ARC Review: Screwmates by Kayti McGee

Screwmates is my first book by Kayti McGee, but this one sounded really good so I took a chance on it. While I did enjoy it at times, this one was just okay for me. There were a few things that didn't work so well for me and that kept me from really liking this one. 

Marc and Madison are roommates that rarely interact. With him always studying or in class and her always working nights, they don't really know each other. But then an unexpected night off and some alcohol changes everything. Neither of them fit into the plans that they have each made, but soon they come up with the idea that they should become screwmates. But what happens when their plans start to change as both of them realize that their arrangement is nothing like they thought it would be?

I have to admit while I liked the characters, they were a part of my problem with this one. I never really felt like I could connect with Marc. Despite there being more to him than you first see, I just wasn't able to really get behind his character even though I wanted to. Madison annoyed me at times, as she was a bit more quirky that I could relate to. While these two were opposites in a lot of ways, I did think that they worked well together. They definitely had chemistry and were forming something more, I just had some problems feeling fully invested in their relationship. 

I also felt like sometimes the humor here felt a bit forced and on the immature side. There were things that I found funny, but sometimes it just seemed a bit too over the top. I do think that this one had a lot of promise and that Kayti McGee has talent. While this one didn't fully work for me, a lot of reviews I have read loved it. It could simply be that this one just didn't click for me personally, and I recommend giving it a shot if it sounds like something you might like. I would read more from Kayti McGee in the future, and I think with her being a relatively new writer that she will continue to grow as a writer and she will get better with each book she writes. She definitely shows promise and I think that this one was more about the characters for me than anything.

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