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Thursday, March 30, 2017

ARC Review: After the Dark by Cynthia Eden

I have read several erotic/romance/suspense novels by Cynthia Eden and I have to say, there are not many (if any) authors who do this genre better than her. Eden is really really good at character building, intricate plot weaving, and super hot romance. This book does not disappoint.

After the Dark is about FBI profiler Samantha Dark and her partner Blake. Since it's in the book synopsis I can tell you that this book opens in kind of a surprising way. Samantha has been hunting a serial killer. She was convinced she built an accurate profile of the killer but she and Blake are confronted with what seems like incontrovertible proof that Samantha was all wrong about her profile. Samantha winds up seeking refuge with her ex-lover and long time friend only to discover that he is actually the killer she has been searching for. We find out pretty quickly that even though nothing happened between Samantha and her partner Blake, she immediately cut the relationship with the psycho ex when she met Blake. Killer ex knew, even though Samantha wouldn't admit it, that Blake was in the way. Anyway, the night that Samantha finds out her ex is a serial killer, something happens in the confrontation between the two of them that nobody knows about. All Blake knows is that when he arrives on the scene, Samantha is bloody and half unconscious.

After that night, and because her boss was a major D bag, Samantha's career with the FBI is pretty much over. Samantha moves to a small town for the anonymity and peace. She leaves Blake behind and tries to pull the scraps of her life together. Samantha has been shaken to her core because everything she felt like she had been trained to do failed her. She couldn't see that she was sleeping with a psychopath so she figures she is probably the world's worst profiler.

As for Blake...I have to say, I kind of thought Blake could've used more layers. Blake appears to be the protective good guy who will take care of Samantha and that kind of turns out to be true. When it appears that Samantha's psycho ex is back and killing again, Blake goes to Samantha. He tries to get her to come back to NY with him but winds up leading a new and depraved killer straight to Samantha's doorstep. Even though Blake appropriately blames himself for doing that, I was just a bit irritated with him. I didn't understand why he didn't realize how his actions might put Samantha in danger. In the end Samantha just wound up being a much more compelling character than Blake.

The mystery and suspense aspects of this book are just really good as always. This book is perfect for you lovers of romantic suspense.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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