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Sunday, March 26, 2017

ARC Review: Bound by Family by Ryan Michele

A 3 star rating might be a bit generous for this book. I really like MC romance so if there's a motorcycle club, a bossy alpha biker and a strong independent woman, I'm usually all in. This book had the outline of everything that I really love in romance but I have to say the style of the writing felt a little armature.  In particular, the language of the book was kind of dull and repetitive. I felt like the author could have benefited from using a thesaurus.  

This book is the introduction to the Ravage MC and it features Cooper who has been a member since he was an adolescent. Cooper meets Bristyl completely by chance when he gets stuck in a maintenance crisis at a laundry mat that her family MC in another state owns. There is insta-attraction between Bristyl and Cooper but their relationship develops over a number of long distance phone calls. Bristyl has been growing increasingly frustrated in her life. Her brothers and father are a part of the Sinister MC but she's just an employee keeping the books.  Women aren't allowed in Sinister. 

When Bristyl is pushed beyond what she can take at home, Cooper is right there to break her fall and take her in as a part of Ravage. There is some drama with a a third club that started with an online dating incident involving Bristyl's best friend (that's a long stupid story), there are the typical shots fired and gratuitous ass kicking you find in MC romances. In the end Bristyl and Cooper get their HEA. So what is my problem? It's that something about this book reminded me of someone who read a lot of MC romances and thought 'oh hey, I could do that.' The problem is it felt like this was a contemporary romance dressed up like a MC romance. Like all the characters seem like caricatures of MC characters. Cooper must say 50 times 'we're Ravage, Ravage takes care of family, nobody fucks with us, blah blah blah.' It was kind of like, ok, once but it was weird how Cooper kept going on these internal rants about how great Ravage was. It just seemed like the author was trying to hard to give us an MC romance instead of writing a good story about a MC romance.

The sex scenes in this book are seriously nothing to get excited about. A lot of scenes include information that you think might get explained later but isn't fully explained. And OMG, if Cooper called Bristyl "beautiful" one more time, I was going to kill somebody. Other than that, this is lots of fun.

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