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Monday, March 20, 2017

ARC Review: Legally Charming by Lauren Smith

Legally Charming by Lauren Smith was exactly as the name stated, charming. I enjoyed it a lot and found myself lost in the story and characters. This one was sweet and easy to read, and I think a lot of romance readers are going to really enjoy it. There were a few things that kept this one from being a five star read for me, but I still really liked it. 

Felicity Hart is focused on her career and getting her masters in art. She has no time or interest in love. But when her best friend drags her to a Halloween party, she sneaks away and falls asleep in an unoccupied room only to be woken up by a guy with the sexiest eyes she has ever seen. Jared Redmond was the ultimate bad boy until he started to settle down after his legal career started to take off. But when he arrives home and finds Felicity in his bed, he is drawn to her and everything he knows suddenly changes. Determined to help her fulfill her fantasies, Jared is once again ready to let his bad boy side take over. But just as Jared and Felicity are starting to believe that they have found love, real life threatens to destroy everything between them.

I liked the characters here and the connection between them. I felt like they had great chemistry and that they were good for one another. I will say that there were a few things here that felt a bit unbelievable to me, as well as a few things that didn't work for me personally. While I liked Felicity, there were times that she came off as a bit too weak to me. The whole meeting of these two is because she falls asleep at a party in a random persons bed. Jared comes home and just jumps in bed with her. Then Jared was supposedly not going to make partner unless he married his boss's daughter...there were just a few things that had me struggling to believe them. Regardless though, I did enjoy the story even if I had to just ignore the part of my brain telling me how unrealistic some of this story was. 

I did like that Felicity wasn't stick thin and the fact that she didn't know how pretty she was. It is always nice to see a normal girl that is easy to relate to and seems like she is someone you could be friends with in real life. Despite her times of weakness, I felt like she was an easy character to like and relate to. The chemistry between these two was great, and I thought that this was just a sweet and charming read that fans of fairytale romance stories will enjoy. I have enjoyed everything I have read from Lauren Smith to date, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing this Ever After series continue.

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