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Friday, March 24, 2017

ARC ReviewRipple Effect: Episode 2 by Keri Lake

I really really wasn't ready for this installment in this series. First, for anyone trying to join the party at this book, you can't. This book picks up right where episode 1 leaves off. If you haven't read the first book, don't read this one and don't read this review.

This book begins with Dylan waking up in Rip's house in full blown opioid withdrawal and ends with her vomiting violently. Everything that happens in between is equally jarring. Rip and Dylan both come from deep dark ugly places. As a result of all they have been through they are twisted in a way that makes them like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. In episode 2 we learn more about Dylan's horrible history of abuse but also how very strong she is. Dylan actually has no idea about the effect she has on Rip. The really interesting thing is that in book 1, Dylan was obsessed with Rip or at least the guy she saw every week at the diner. In book 2 the author reveals Rip's obsession with Dylan. Rip knows that wanting Dylan is a source of weakness but he really can't help himself. The connection between these two characters is electrifying and actually leaps off the pages.

I don't want to give too much away about this book. It's really short so you kind of just need to read it. I will say this, there is no sex (sort of) in book 1 but not the case here. This book turns into a hardcore erotic romance. And by hardcore I mean this book is dark dark. If you can't deal with taboo topics, you need to bypass this. There is child abuse, knife/blood play, questionable consent issues, violent sex etc. Look, just if you have ANY triggers, bypass this one.

If you can work through the darkness, OMG, this book is riveting. Like I could not put it down for one second after I started reading it. These are two of the most compelling characters I have ever read about. The writing is superior. You know how some books feel forced? Like you can almost hear the author trying to think of the words? That is NOT this book. The writing of this book is seamless. You are transported into the dark world of Rip and Dylan. I guarantee when you finish this, you'll be scrambling for the next book.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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