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Saturday, August 12, 2017

ARC Review: The Billionaire's Intern by Jackie Ashenden

This is the first book I've read where the heroine had ADD. I thought that was a really interesting twist in the story and I really like this author. But none of that was enough to make me feel very strongly about this book. It is indeed a Billionaire intern romance and there really isn't much to tell in terms of Kira as an intern. The thing that struck me and kind of turned me off was Lorenzo's attitude towards Kira. Lorenzo has no Kira since she was a hyperactive child throwing temper tantrums at party with her Dad, Lorenzo's business associate.

In the past, Lorenzo helped young Kira to focus and calm down by showing her how to make paper cranes (gave her something to do with her hands I guess). Young Kira fell in hardcore love with grown up Lorenzo who bothered to pay attention to her. Lorenzo was in love with someone else at the time who also happened to be an adult and not a hyperactive child. Kira grows, tragedy strikes Lorenzo and the two find themselves thrust back together. Kira's father ask Lorenzo to take Kira on as an intern. He has ulterior motives and so does Kira in a way. Kira just wants so badly to be accepted by her parents that she would do almost anything.

Kira is working hard to put away everything that makes her herself. She feels like being her caused a terrible accident and she is determined to be someone else who is more responsible. As for Lorenzo, he has just grown cold and hard. Since his first love died, he has completely sealed off his heart and is just a giant a-hole by the time this book kicks off. I'm ok with jerk alpha heroes who love the heroines but I think Lorenzo crossed a line. Kira was so broken and Lorenzo was so awful to her it might have been too much. Watching Kira trying to hold on and do a good job while Lorenzo treated her like something on the bottom of his shoe, that was unpleasant.

In the end, I didn't find the book difficult to read. It moved at a good pace and never seemed to drag. The writing is good as I would expect from this author. I just couldn't completely get into the characters or the romance.

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