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Sunday, October 15, 2017

ARC Review: Bad Reputation by Nicole Edwards

Bad Reputation is the first book in the new Bad Boys of Sports series by Nicole Edwards. I am a huge sports romance fan, so this one sounded like it was going to be one I loved. While it had a lot of promise, unfortunately for me this one ended up just being okay. 

Chase is known as the bad boy of hockey, used to playing hard both on and off the ice. No one knows that better than his best friend Cassie. He doesn't do commitment and he likes it that way. As much as he has tried not to notice his best friend Cassie though, he can't help but see her and want more. When they head to Vegas for a week, they both find themselves drawn to each other in a way they hadn't been before. 

I have to admit that my main issue here was the characters. I honestly wasn't really feeling anything between these two. They lacked chemistry and I just wasn't seeing a connection beyond friendship and curiosity here. I wanted to believe that there was something more there, but I just wasn't able to. I also struggled to like Cassie. There just wasn't anything I could really relate to with her and I just didn't really feel any connection to her. I did like Chase though. He was sexy and I loved his dirty talk. I just wish I had felt something more here with these two. 

My other problem here was the pacing of this story. The first half or so seemed to move slow and often times it felt like it was dragging. The second half on the other hand seemed to accelerate and felt rushed to me. It just never felt like it had a good flow to me and that made it hard to get into the story for me. I do think that Nicole Edwards is worth giving another shot though, but unfortunately this wasn't one of my favorites.

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