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Monday, October 16, 2017

ARC Review: Holding Onto Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

I feel like I have been waiting for this book since I first read the Beaumont Series by Heidi McLaughlin. I was always curious about the kids and wanted their stories, but Noah and Peyton were always my favorites. You could just tell there was something there, and I couldn't have been more excited when I found out they were getting their story written. 

Peyton Powell-James and Noah Westbury both had clear paths for their futures since they were kids. They both knew that football would be a part of their lives, and they each worked hard to make that a reality. Noah is now the starting quarterback for the Portland Pioneers and has a beautiful girlfriend, while Peyton has just been given an important assignment to cover a professional game from the sidelines. But when an accident changes everything, both Peyton and Noah are forced to rethink where their lives are headed and both know it might finally be time to discuss what has always been between them. 

I loved these two. It was so clear that they belonged together and that they just needed to let each other know how they really felt. Their feelings were never their problem, it really was just a matter of talking to one another and communicating things. I do feel like they were absolutely meant to be though, and I loved the strong connection that they always had. Peyton and Noah both meant so much to one another, and even if they weren't together you could tell just what the other one was to them. They had great chemistry and an undeniable bond. 

Overall, it was a great story and I really loved seeing this next generation grow up and come into their own. If you have read the Beaumont series, you will love getting to see favorite characters again and how things have progressed for each of them. This book can be read as a complete standalone though, so if you haven't read those books you don't need to in order to understand this one. I will say though that for full enjoyment I would recommend reading the Beaumont series. Not only is it great, but you really get to see how everyone got to where they are and just how deep the connections between them are. I can't wait for more from Heidi McLaughlin and this is one I definitely recommend.

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