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Monday, June 25, 2018

ARC Review: Marry in Scandal by Anne Gracie

Marry in Scandal is the second book in Anne Gracie's Marriage of Convenience series. I loved it, and I think it was much better than the first book in the series, Marry in Haste.

Lily is a very sweet girl who looks for the best in everyone. While this is normally an admirable quality, it lands Lily in quite the predicament. Through a bad sequence of events, she is abducted. Lily is quite the heiress, and that is what tempted her abductor. What I find marvelous, is her determination and her smarts to get herself out of the situation. I admired that about her immensely.

To be fair however, she did get a little assistance from her brother's best friend, Ned. Ned is in the right place at the right time, and is able to help Lily escape. Ned is a very troubled gentleman who seems to push people away. It pulls at every girls' instinct to try to save him from his inner demons. I'm not sure Lily realizes it's effecting her at first. But he also becomes her hero, despite his adamant proclamations that it is not the case.

Despite every effort to keep Lily's reputation clean, rumors are flying. The whole ordeal has become quite the scandal and it basically forces the two into a marriage of convenience. Ned resists all inclinations that what they have will ever be love. Sometimes love is irresistible however.

This romance was so adorable and everything sweet! It was just what I needed. It has Anne Gracie's flair of dreamy romance. I felt like doing the cliche sigh that women do when seeing romantic gestures in the movies. I cannot wait to continue this series!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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