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Thursday, September 13, 2018

ARC Review: Ravage by Jessica Prince

Ravage is actually my first book by Jessica Prince, despite being the 4th book in her Civil Corruption series. This book is a standalone story, and I had no problems understanding anything. I will say though that after finishing this book, I can’t wait to go back and read the previous books! I enjoyed this one a lot and will definitely be reading more from Jessica Prince.

Lyla has loved Mason Keller since she met him as a child. But when she finally got old enough to tell him about her feelings, he broke her heart by telling her that she was off limits as the little sister of his best friend. She tried to pick up the pieces and move on, but things didn’t go as planned and she was left more broken than ever. With the obstacles once standing in their way removed, Mace is determined to finally give in to the feelings they have both had for years. But can Lyla give him another chance after everything they’ve been through?

I loved these two, and yet they went through so much to get where they should have been all along. My heart broke for them at times, and I was frustrated and angry with them at others. The one thing that never changed for me though was that I truly believed these two were meant for one another. Lyla and Mace had amazing chemistry and a connection that was so strong nothing could truly break it. While they had moments things didn’t go their way, their feelings never wavered and I loved them for it.

Overall, I loved the characters in this series and I especially loved Lyla and Mace. I can’t wait to read the previous books to get more of the band and the guys that Lyla was so close to. Their relationship with her showed that they were all great guys, and I couldn’t get enough of them looking out for her. While they were all special, Mace definitely has a special place for me and I think readers will love his and Lyla’s story.

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