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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coming soon-150 Follower Giveaway

Hey there everyone. So I am inching ever so closely to 150 followers and I am beyond excited. Thanks everyone for following. As a thank you, when I do hit 150 followers I will be holding a giveaway. As you know I've recently just attended Authors After Dark and I came back with a crap load of swag. So for my giveaway I would like to giveaway some swag and some books. Does that sound good to you? Here are the two books I'll be giving away:

Also up for grabs will be two bags of swag from AAD. So make sure to spread the word. 


  1. Sounds like a pretty nice giveaway! Congrats on the (almost )150 followers!

  2. @.alana.-Thanks for stopping by. =)