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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ARC Review: Deep Surrendering Episode 6 by Chelsea M. Cameron

Deep Surrendering Episode 6 is the latest installment in Chelsea M. Cameron's Deep Surrendering Serial. Chelsea is releasing one installment a month, and when the story is complete she has said that the episodes will equal about two full novels. These installments are not standalones, and should only be read in order. I highly recommend that you start at the beginning if you are going to read these, and beware that each ends with a cliffhanger as they are part of a serial. While it is frustrating to only get a small portion of this story at a time, I think that Chelsea has done a great job of keeping the reader interested from episode to episode without the reader giving up. Episode 6 picks up right where the previous installment left off with Fin and Marisol still apart. Fin and Marisol while having agreed to be together exclusively even while apart are struggling with the separation and distance between them. As they try to speak with each other as often as possible, it becomes harder the more that their schedules fill up. While Fin and Marisol continue to get to know one another, Marisol still struggles with not knowing about Fin's past. She also must deal with how dedicated Fin is to the business and doing what his father asks of him. While Marisol loves Fin and wants to have a future with him, she begins to wonder if staying with his is in her best interest and if he will really choose her if the time comes when he is forced to choose between her and his father.

I will admit that this episode was harder to get through than the last few have been for me. While I still really like Fin and Marisol, this one didn't have the same feel that the previous episodes have had. They are apart at this point, and you really begin to feel the distance between them. Marisol is focusing on her friends and her daily life while hoping to be able to spend a little time talking with Fin each night. You can really see the exhaustion starting to set in for both of them as they try to fit each other in to their busy lives. They really do care about one another and are running themselves ragged trying to make things work between them. I felt like we really got to see more of Fin's sweet side in this installment, and I liked that he was doing what he could to show Marisol that she was on his mind and that he cared about her. I liked their new way of getting to know each other by telling each other things that no one else knew about them, but I did miss their exchange of action for a secret. I wanted to see more of Fin's past and how that continues to affect his present and ability to have a relationship with Marisol. I felt like while we did get a bit more of what he likes and what makes him Fin, that we really didn't gain much in this installment. I was hoping for more of them and I feel like this one didn't have that.

I will admit that with this episode, I felt like the focus was too much on Marisol and her friends. She was struggling and going through a lot with her insecurities and fears about where things were headed for their relationship. But I really missed seeing their interactions and felt like this one lacked the connection and chemistry that they have always had. I wanted to see more of the progress of them as a couple, and I don't feel like this episode allowed for much growth or development. I did like the very end of this episode though, and I am so excited to see what happens next! I really don't want to wait to see where things go from here, but I was loving what Chelsea set us up for. I really hope that we get more of Fin and Marisol in the next portion and less of their lives apart from one another. I felt like we had just been making progress for these two and that this episode sort of stalled out for the time being. This one to me just felt like more filler than anything, and I was looking for more. I think if this wasn't the whole installment but had been included in a full length novel that it would have been fine. But when you wait for each installment to release, by the time you get that part of the story you are looking for something substantial rather than just the day to day of what is going on and their interactions with the secondary characters. I really do like this series though, and I have enjoyed Fin and Marisol's journey to this point. I will continue to read their story and see where things lead for them next. I highly recommend these if you are a fan of Chelsea's and if you don't mind the nature of a serial with installments released once a month. Fin and Marisol's story is far from over and I can't wait to get more of these two and see what awaits them next.

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