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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria

Kings of Asphalt is the first book that I have ever read by Alexx Andria. I was drawn to this one because of the blurb, and I loved the idea of an MC menage. While I did like things about this book, I also had some problems with this story as well. I thought that this could have been a really great story, and I loved the novella length as I think it worked perfectly for the story that Andria was trying to tell. However this book felt a bit like a debut novel that needed some work to me.

Zoe Delacourte is tired of writing useless pieces of fluff, and decides to take matters into her own hands about getting a news story worth telling. She decides to go undercover to meet Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen, leaders of The Kings of Asphalt motorcycle club, when two people associated with the club wind up dead. With both of the dead being killed execution style, Zoe is determined to find out the truth about the turf war raging between the Kings of Asphalt and their rival club. But upon meeting Jax and Hunter, the three of them are drawn together in an undeniable way unlike anything they have ever felt before. Jax and Hunter know that Zoe is in danger for asking too many questions and beg her to stay away from them and the story. But Zoe refuses to leave it alone and finds herself in danger. Can Jax and Hunter not only get to the bottom of what is happening but also find a way to protect Zoe while convincing her to give a relationship with them a shot?

I really liked Jax and Hunter, but I did have a few problems with them as well. Jax was sweet and seemed to be the one to smooth things over when feathers got ruffled. He was the more approachable of the two, and he also was the one that seemed to think things through. Hunter was more the type to jump into action and worry about the consequences later. I thought that they were really great friends and worked well as a team. They had each other's backs and had a lot of trust and friendship between them from all the years they had known one another. I did think it was a bit odd that they had no idea what was really going on under their noses though, and that it finally took someone else telling them about it to see. They were portrayed as these smart leaders, and I felt it was a bit obvious for them to miss. I also felt like while they did have their bad boy moments, they weren't as dark or bad as I had expected. They were actually more sweet and approachable than I would have expected. I did have issues with Zoe though. I felt like she was a bit sheltered and immature at times. She came off as flighty and a bit strange. I thought that it was kind of odd that she went from being almost virginal to taking two guys with little to no adjustment and somehow it all just worked fine. It was a bit unrealistic to me, and I felt like that part could have been done differently. I did think that there was a lot of chemistry between the three of them, and I didn't feel as though Zoe had a stronger connection with either Jax or Hunter. They seemed to work well as a threesome with no problems or jealousy.

I did have a problem with some of the way the story was written. The sentence structure was odd at times and I felt like a lot of them tended to be run-ons. I also thought that there were times that they would stop abruptly and would switch from one POV to another without any kind of warning or noticeable transition. I think that these are all things that could be easily fixed and would help the story immensely. There was also something that happened with Hunter that I didn't care for at all, and I felt like it really cheapened the relationship that was forming and the feelings that were developing between the three of them. I really hated that Zoe was never made aware of it either, and I felt like it should have come out at some point. At the time they didn't have a solid commitment or anything, but I still felt like it was wrong the way it was done and the timing of it was after these three had clearly begun something. I really do think that this story was good and enjoyable even with the things I had issues with. I just also felt like it needed a little work and it could have been even better. I will definitely consider more from Alexx Andria in the future, especially if she continues with more stories about The Kings. I would love to see Zoe's friend get a story, and I think that Andria did a great job of opening up that possibility in this book.

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