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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ARC Review: Diamonds and Dust by Jessie Evans

Diamonds and Dust is the third book in the Lonesome Point, Texas series by Jessie Evans, but this book can be read as a stand alone as each book is about interconnected characters. I couldn't wait to read this one because I love books about second chance romances, and the hero is also a baseball player who also happens to be the heroine's best friend's older brother. I love sports romance stories and there is just something about the hero being the sibling of a best friend. This book was everything that I had been hoping for, and I really enjoyed getting to know Pike and Tulsi.

On the verge of losing her business, Tulsi Hearst knows the last thing she needs is to run into her ex. Unfortunately with her best friend's wedding coming up, she knows that she will have no chance at avoiding Pike Sherman. Tulsi and Pike were both left broken hearted after their break up years before, and both made assumptions about a lot of tings. But Tulsi knows that if Pike found out the truth about everything that he would hate her. Pike knows when he sets eyes on Tulsi again that he has never stopped loving her and he is determined to leave the past behind and get a second chance with her. But when the truth comes out, it could change everything between them including the second chance that they have been given.

I really liked Pike. He was sexy and sweet, and I loved how he was with Tulsi. He had never stopped loving her, and he wasn't afraid to admit it. I found it so refreshing that he was able to admit his feelings and go after what he wanted. I really admired that about him, and it made me love him so much more. Pike was willing to let the past go and fully embrace a life with Tulsi and all that entailed. He was pretty much perfect, and I was rooting for him from the start. Tulsi had made some mistakes and I really wanted her to own up to them. I didn't care for the way that they came to light, and I really wish that she would have been the one to tell Pike without it being forced out of her. But I did like that she explained herself after the fact and let Pike know why she had done the things that she did. She wasn't in the right, but she was so young when everything happened that it was easy to see how she had thought and felt at the time. I thought that Pike and Tulsi had a great connection and a lot of chemistry between them. These two obviously loved one another, and I enjoyed seeing them find their way back to one another.

Overall, this was a good story. I liked the characters a lot, and I could tell that they belonged together. The reason that I couldn't give this one five stars though was that I felt like much of what had happened was pretty much swept under the rug. Though the truth came out and there were a few explanations, I felt like things were left largely undealt with. I wanted to see Pike and Tulsi really deal with everything that had happened, and I felt like we didn't really get to see that. We also didn't really get to see how the rest of the characters dealt with the truth coming out. I liked seeing where everyone ended up, but I also wanted to really see how they handled things as well. I really did like the characters and story though, and I can't wait for more in this series. I am looking forward to reading more in this series and from Jessie Evans in the future. If you are looking for a sweet contemporary, I would definitely recommend giving this one a shot.

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