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Sunday, March 22, 2015

ARC Review: Need by K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco

Need is the first part of a two part series by K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco. This is the first book that I had ever read by either author, so I really didn't have any expectations going in. I just knew that after reading the blurb I really had to read this book. This book had some things that bothered me, but I couldn't put this one down. It captured my attention right away, and I couldn't stop until I had finished. I absolutely need the next book, because I have to know what happens next for Brayden and Kira. 

Brayden and Kira have been best friends and neighbors since they were kids. They grew up hanging out with one another and Kira's brother Ryan. When Brayden's dad and mom get divorced, he decides to stay with his dad so that he can continue to be around Kira. As they get older, Brayden and Kira's feelings for one another begin to change and they start to see each other differently. Brayden has known that his feelings for Kira were wrong, and has tried to forget her by sleeping with other girls. When he finally decides to tell her how he feels, everything is quickly ruined when his dad announces that he is marrying Kira and Ryan's mother. Brayden is once again forced to push Kira away in order to stay away from her. But after going away to college and finally realizing that the love he has for Kira is too strong to live without, Brayden decides to finally take what has been his all along. But now Kira is tired of Brayden's games and is ready to move on once and for all. With Kira's 18th birthday coming up, Brayden is determined to do what he should have before and fight for her. Will Kira be willing to give Brayden another chance, or will she finally be done with him for good?

I had issues with both Kira and Brayden, but I think a lot of these issues were because of their ages. They acted immature and did stupid things at times, and I really wanted them to just talk to one another. While I liked Brayden and couldn't help but feel drawn to him, he really screwed up a few times. He was sexy and alpha, but I did feel like his manwhoring ways got a bit out of hand at times. Especially when he knew how he felt about Kira, and how she felt about him. Kira drove me nuts a few times as well. For most of the story she was weak and let Brayden walk all over her, then she finally decides to grow a backbone and proceeds to do things that irritate me again. I wanted her find a happy medium, and unfortunately she never quite reached that. She might have said that she hated Brayden and didn't want anything to do with him, but she was clearly lying to herself as well as him. Her body wanted him and so did she. I just wanted her to accept that and give him a chance after everything that they had been through. I thought that Brayden had come a long way and he deserved to have another chance. The passion and chemistry between these two was off the charts though, and they were super hot with one another. I liked the tension and build up between them, and what made them hotter was the connection they shared. They had grown up together and knew each other so well. These two just fit together, and I really thought that they were meant to be together. It seems crazy to me that no one picked up on things sooner with these two and the way they were around one another, or at least that no one said anything to either of them.

I will say that there were a few issues with the actual story to me. I felt a little uncomfortable with things between Kira and Brayden early on. While three years isn't a huge age difference, the fact that things between them started so young was a bit of a problem for me. Kira was under 16, and for me that was a bit of a weird thing to read about when it came to the sexual thoughts and feelings that were being expressed. As they got older it wasn't anything that would be unacceptable, but things were a bit hard to get through before then. I also felt like the timeline on this story was a bit confusing. The date and year were listed when we advanced in time as the story went on, but there were several times that it didn't seem to match up for me. Maybe I was mistaken, but it just seemed like there were some inconsistencies with the timeline and I found it hard to follow. I also thought that there was a little too much push and pull at times, and it did get a bit old after awhile. I was ready for these two to finally start to figure things out, and it seemed like that took too long at times. I understood that the circumstances these two were facing were a bit messed up and hard to deal with and the fact that they were so young allowed me as a reader to cut them a little more slack than I normally would. These two had such a strong connection, and I felt like they had a lot going against them that was out of control. I can't imagine how I would have handled things at their age, so while it drove me nuts it didn't stop me from wanting to continue the story at all. I do need the next book though, and it honestly can't get here soon enough. I have to know what happens next for these two, and I just know that they have to find a way to be together. They are perfect for one another, and I really like them together.

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