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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Audiobook Review: Reasonable Doubt by Whiney Garcia Williams, Narrated by Sebastian York and Erin Mallon

RIDICULOUS!! “Reasonable Doubt” by Whitney G was phenomenal. I started this audiobook on Tuesday Morning and finished it Tuesday afternoon. I was obsessed, addicted and completely intrigued with the storyline, the characters and the narrators! I took any chance I could to listen to this fantastic story.

Since “Reasonable Doubt” has been reviewed already, and I utterly and completely agree with my fellow reviewers, I will say I was captivated by Andrew Hamilton and Audrey. Andrew is ridiculous. He is so hilarious I found myself laughing-out-loud. If I had read this book I would have ended up high lightening half the book. I found myself stopping the audio and listening to some parts over and over because some parts were so hilarious and other times (mostly Andrew’s dialogue) was so shocking. His take- no- prisoners, do-whatever-I-want-attitude made him irritating and at the same time fascinating. Luckily Aubrey can hold her own. When she meets Andrew she is young, ten years younger. I loved the tension between them even before they come face to face. I know that this story comes in different parts but I can’t imagine having to wait for the different segments! I was anticipating the corresponding parts of this story. This became one of my favorite stories. I loved the way Williams revealed Andrew’s past. There were moments when I was heartbroken. There were moments I hated Andrew. Really, just a phenomenal story! I also loved Aubrey. She was a character that started out in college, pre-law and very young but she quickly matured. I only had one little complaint about the storyline. Other than Andrew’s life in New York we never knew anything else about him.

Sebastian York was phenomenal as Andrew. He really brought him to life. He really got Andrew and was able to convey all his emotions so effectively. Erin Mallon was equally fantastic. She made Audrey come alive and made her real. I thought both narratives were fantastic. They were perfect for these two parts. Needless to say, “Reasonable Doubt” narrated by Sebastian York and Erin Mallon is as good as it gets!

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