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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Love's Suicide by Jennifer Foor

Wow this book was an emotional roller coaster. Love's Suicide was beautiful and heartbreaking, and filled with hope and love. It wasn't always an easy book to get through, but it was a really great story that I couldn't put down. I will warn you that there is a ton of angst, and several things that might make readers uncomfortable. But I saw how real and vulnerable these characters were, and their story was one that I am glad I read. Jennifer Foor did a great job showing that true love never ends and always finds a way. 

Katy Michaels grew up loving Branch and Brooks Valentine. The twins were always with her, and growing up next door with their parents being best friends insured that they would always be close. Then when her parents passed away, Katy went to live with them and they became the only family she had left. Eventually Katy started seeing Branch, and it tore her relationship with Brooks apart. As she planned her life with Branch, she couldn't help but miss the connection she shared with Brooks. The night before her wedding, she knew that she was with the wrong brother and ended up in bed with Brooks. She knew the only option she had left was to run away and leave the only family she had left behind. But two years later, she found herself with a daughter and an abusive husband. When Brooks suddenly reenters her life she knows that the love they shared is still there, but with time, distance, and others between them do they have a chance at a future together? 

I loved Brooks. He was always the one that was meant for Katy, just as she was always meant to be his. These two connected on every level, and you could feel the love between them. Brooks was sweet and kind, and genuinely cared about Katy. I felt so badly for him and the pain that he must have been going through for most of his life. He had to sit back and watch the woman he loved with his brother, and yet he stayed away thinking that she would be happy. He cared so much for her that he was willing to sacrifice himself, and that absolutely broke my heart. Katy was hard to like at times if I am honest. I did feel for her as well, but she made some really terrible decisions. I was glad when she could finally be honest with herself and admit her feelings. It was clear that she always knew she was connected to Brooks, and yet she fought against anything with him for so long. These two had great chemistry and clicked physically, but their connection was so far beyond that. These two were always meant for each other, and it showed in everything that they did and said. 

Overall, this was a really great story even when it was hard to get through. It made me experience just about every emotion possible, and I felt so invested in what would happen. Jennifer Foor did a great job of tackling some serious issues and making you still want to root for these characters. They were real and flawed, and yet you could see how much they all felt. Katy was weak at times and tended to cry a lot, but she had experienced so much that would make it hard for anyone to get through. The main problem for these characters was communication. They tended to listen to others, instead of going straight to the source and I really felt like so much could have been different had they just talked. The connection between Brooks and Katy was so special though, and it was clear that the main reason for so much of their issues was outside forces that got in their way. These two could have had such a different life had they just been honest with each other and not listened to anyone else. I was really glad that they were able to work through their issues though, and that neither one of them never gave up on the other. They loved each other unconditionally and were supportive of one another no matter if they were together or apart. I will definitely be reading more from Jennifer Foor in the future, and I really love her writing style. She always writes a beautiful and emotional story that I can never put down.

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