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Sunday, May 17, 2015

ARC Review: Caress of Pleasure by Julie Kenner

Julie Kenner is no doubt a great author, this just further proves that point she managed to fit an entire story in 100 pages. It was a full story with nothing missing pertinent to the story line but it felt like there should have been more. I did feel a little lost at the beginning this is 3.5 in the series and I haven’t read any of the others and it took a bit of a way into the story to explain what they were, where they came from, who their enemies are, but it did and it made sense it wasn’t just thrown it to be redundant it fit into the story. I did enjoy the story and it does make me want to go back and read the previous books, I think if I did that and then reread this I would probably enjoy it more.

Dante and Brenna were in love years ago, it was a hot, fast, and intense relationship but the fact that Brenna is mortal and Dante isn’t caused him to rip out both their hearts and end the relationship. Now thirteen years later Dante is still miserable and just getting worse, but word that one of their lost brothers isn’t lost just trapped in a jewel brings Dante and Brenna together. Brenna is acquisitions expert she can find and get whatever it is that you want. Brenna’s last job just ended and now a blast from her past just showed up the only man she has ever loved and the same man who jaded her forever against love. Dante and his brothers need Brenna’s help to find where her buyer has it and a way to get to it. The chemistry is still there, and Brenna’s smart mouth ends her back in bed with Dante. Brenna realizes she no longer feels the uncertainty about Dante that she did in the past and only the most desperate acts can prove that to Dante.

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