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Thursday, May 21, 2015

ARC Review: Exposed by Tracy Wolff

Exposed is the third book in the Ethan Frost series by Tracy Wolff. In order to understand this book you will need to have read the previous books, Ruined and Addicted, before starting this one. I have a really tough time figuring out where to start with this review. I absolutely loved the first book in this series. I loved Ethan and Chloe flaws and all, and I could tell that they belonged together right away. But in the second book, I felt like it was a lot of the same thing over and over. Unfortunately, there was a bit of that here too. Though there was some progress made, there were also a lot of the same things I had issues with before on repeat.

Ethan has Chloe back in his life, and he will do whatever it takes to protect her. Though Chloe wants nothing more than to move forward and try to leave the past behind, Ethan is determined to get revenge. He wants his brother to pay for what he has done, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that happens one way or another. The more his obsession with revenge begins to take over his life, the more Ethan risks losing Chloe for good.

I honestly don't know who annoyed me more in this book, Ethan or Chloe. Chloe continued to be insecure and overreacted to things, resulting in a melt down and an inevitable apology. Though at least this time around she didn't fully run from Ethan. (even if she did leave him in a different city and returned to Ethan's house without so much as a call, text, or note...seriously who does that?) Though at times their relationship seemed to be making progress, they would still inevitably screw things up in the same ways they have throughout the past two books, and at this point that is getting really old. Ethan promised to give Chloe complete honesty this time around, and most of the time he least when she directly asked him. When she didn't though, he continued his mission for revenge and his "protection" of her and felt it was okay to keep things from her. Because apparently lying by omission is different than just flat out lying. 

While Ethan and Chloe still had all the attraction and chemistry that we have come to expect from them, the first half of the book was pretty much sex followed by declarations of love followed by more sex. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The entire first half of the book felt like that is all there was, and I really believe that it could have been reduced to a few chapters of that without losing anything necessary to the story. The second half of the book things did start to pick up though, and that is where the real story started to happen. While I enjoyed the second half, I really wish that it would have started sooner, because now we are left the same as we have been at the end of the two previous books. Things are left unresolved and we have to go through another long wait to finally get the answers that could have been given in this book had we not wasted time on seeing these two have so much sex and tell each other how much they loved one another. Though I am not against that, it does get old when that is literally all that happens for half of a book. I hadn't known prior to reading this book that another book in this series was coming out and I believed that this was the final story. Flawed will be the next installment though and is scheduled for a December 2015 release. I really hope that it will be the final book in this series, because honestly things keep going downhill for me when it comes to these characters. What started off fantastic has turned into something that seems to be drawn out and repetitious to the point of killing everything I loved to begin with. I really want these characters to get the ending they deserve and I am hoping that will happen in Flawed, because I am not sure that I can handle much more of the same when it comes to these characters.

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