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Monday, May 18, 2015

ARC Review: Falling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert

Follows the friends to lovers formula but delivers humor, sincere romance and some hot sex scenes.

Falling For His Best Friend is quite obviously a book about two best friends who...fall for each other. Avery and Drew have been friends since elementary school. Drew has developed a commitment allergy as a result of his Daddy issues but when Avery decides to have a baby with a random sperm donor, Drew decides to "help" her. Of course Drew missed the memo that the baby making was supposed to be via test tubes and petri dishes and promptly insists on making a baby, with his best friend, the old fashioned way.

Drew and Avery's story is derived from the common theme in romance novels of two people who never say precisely what they mean. The interesting thing about this type of conflict is that you realize while reading a book that even though each character knows they are not saying what they mean, they assume the other person is being completely honest and take that person at their word. For example Avery keeps talking about her future husband or partner with Drew because their "bargain" only includes making a baby. Drew continuously gets pissed at Avery referencing another man (even one who she hasn't yet met) but doesn't clarify his rapidly developing feelings for her. Are we this crazy in real life? Yes. Yes, we are.

What distinguishes this book from other similarly thematic books, in my opinion, is that it is very well written and there is an element of humor that flows through out the plot. For example, at one point Drew says that a baby in the book looks like a wrinkled old man which is funny and an accurate description of babies fresh out of the womb. Another thing that I like about this book is the depiction of Avery. I like strong heroines and Avery is one of those. In the book Avery may or may not punch somebody in a most unexpected way, you have to read it to find out. But if something like that did happen, I would be HERE for it!

I like Drew's character though I must say that I get tired of the reformed manwhores in romance novels. I mean is it really every woman's fantasy to get a guy after he's been ridden more than a Metro Bus? I jusssst don't know, but I digress. Drew is focused, possessive and despite is inability to say what he means, his commitment to Avery comes across. Drew also has some angst over the fact that his Father was an alcoholic which causes issues when he is developing a relationship with Avery. I know there has to be some justification for relationship conflict but I found the whole 'I might be just like my Dad' issue a bit contrived. It was also too easily resolved to have been as significant as it was portrayed.

The relationship between Drew and Avery is well depicted even though it happens rather suddenly. I guess that makes sense considering they have been friends for years. I like the fact that the awkwardness that would accompany sleeping with a long time friend is included in the story. It lends it a certain authenticity.

All in all this is an easy, enjoyable read with some decent sex scenes to keep things interesting. I would recommend it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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