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Friday, October 9, 2015

ARC Review: How Forever Feels by Laura Drewry

How Forever Feels is book number four in the Friends First series from Laura Drewry. It is a standalone story with each book having interconnected characters. I hadn't read any of the other books in this series before starting, but I am definitely interested to go back and read them after this one. I enjoyed the characters a lot, and I loved the friendship that Maya had with the other girls here. I am looking forward to reading their books and seeing how they all got together with their guys. 

Maya McKay thought that she had found forever when she got married to Will, until she found him cheating on her. Though losing Will hurt her, it was the fact that she also lost the friendship of Jack Rhodes at the same time since he was like a brother to Will. Maya and Jack always had a connection, but since the divorce two years ago they hadn't spoken. So when Will comes back to town, Maya finds herself hoping to rekindle the friendship they once had. Jack always wanted Maya, but he stepped aside for Will. Now that it has been two years though, he finds his feelings for Maya rushing back and doesn't know how to handle them. Though Maya is no longer married, she is still his best friend's ex-wife. The more time they spend together, the more they both begin to realize that the connection they had is stronger than ever and things between them are far more than friendship. But can they ever be together with all that stands between them? 

I liked Maya a lot, and I really loved her friendship with the girls. They had each other's backs, and they weren't afraid to be honest with one another. They were all supportive and encouraging, and it was easy to see how far they would go for one another. I really liked how Maya and Jack connected right from the beginning as well. Though two years had gone by, it was as if no time had really passed. Things were easy between them, with their connection natural and real. But the circumstances around them were far from easy, and I really saw how hard it was for them to figure things out. There were times that I absolutely loved Jack. He really was perfect for Maya, and her knew her inside and out. He loved her for who she was and he was a really good guy that had been through a ton. My problem here though was the fact that the author made him come off as extremely weak. I don't think that all heroes need to be alpha males, but Jack was such a doormat here for Will and his family to walk all over. They might have been there for him and taken him in, but he gave up far too much far too easily when it came to them and it got to the point that enough was enough for me. 

Overall, I really enjoyed parts of this story and the connection between Jack and Maya. They had really great chemistry and a bond that was unlike any they had ever felt with anyone else. But I just couldn't ever really get over how disappointed I was with Jack's character here. Just when I thought things were finally turning around, he did something that really irritated me and it pretty much sealed his fate. He asked for way too much from Maya, and the fact that she gave in so easily was something that also made me lose respect for her as well. If I had been in the same situation, not only would I not have done what he asked of me, but I probably would have never spoken to him for even asking in the first place. It was beyond crazy and just too much considering the entire situation. I think that this one had the potential to be a really great story, and had it not been for Jack's weak nature I think I would have really loved this friends to lovers story. But unfortunately I was unable to really love this one and it ended up just being okay to me when it could have been so much more.

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