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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ARC Review: Wicked For You by Shayla Black

This was my first Shayla Black book and I must say that I really enjoyed the ride. Just to give you background on the story, Mystery is the daughter of a Hollywood director who is kidnapped. When the police prove useless, Mystery's father hires a private security company to rescue her. Axel is heading up the private rescue team. Things don't go quite as planned and Mystery winds up stranded with Axel in the dessert for several days. During that time Mystery, 19 years old at the time, falls for Axel but he rejects her because she's his client and just too dang young. To say Mystery takes the rejection personal and does NOT forget it, would be an understatement. What Mystery doesn't realize is that Axel really wanted her just as much as she wanted him.

Fast forward 6 years, Mystery is all grown up, danger has managed to follow her from her past, and she still wants to scratch that Axel itch. I don't want to tell you how she gets to scratching but OMG, it is sooo HAWT. I love love the hook ups between Mystery and Axel. It turns out Axel is a super freaky dom who likes to tie up his women and spank them before screwing them into oblivion and YES, I'm here for all of that!! Axel quickly signs on to help Mystery navigate whatever threat has followed her from the past and a lot of craziness ensues.

One interesting thing about this plot is one of the sub-characters, Heath. Heath is supposed to be Mystery's bodyguard but is really just a cockblock who is constantly getting in between Mystery and Axel. I had moments of mild irritation at Mystery when she listened to Heath despite her misgivings but in the end things worked out. I also enjoyed the mystery/suspense aspect of this book. I liked that the mystery of of Mystery's mom's death was connected to her kidnapping and whatever threat she was facing in the present.

In terms of the relationship between Mystery and Axel, I enjoyed the way the author depicted their individual issues and insecurities colliding with one another. Axel was a tough bad ass sort of guy but he had a weakness when it came to being abandoned. There is nothing better than alpha hero with a soft spot that only the heroine can touch. And even though Mystery could be a bit impulsive and underestimated Axel in her thinking, I liked that she was willing to second guess herself and eventually to see Axel's point of view. The only reason this book wasn't five stars for me is because Axel and Mystery spent a few too many pages wondering around in the desert when I wanted them to be somewhere getting it on. Other than that, I loved this book and recommend you read it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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