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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ARC Review: Undaunted by Ronnie Douglas

Ok…I’m going to be as gentle as possible but there were some things about this book that juuuuuust didn’t do it for me. Let me give you the background first. Aubrey is new in town and not necessarily by choice. Aubrey ran in to some bad times and had to leave Oregon and move to Tennessee with her grandmother. Aubrey plans to get the hell out of dodge ASAP so she can return to her life plan which includes college. What her life plan absolutely does not include is dating. This brings me to my first issue, I understand needing to focus on your life plans, I really do but there are levels to this ish and Aubrey took it too damn far. In fact, Aubrey took EVERYthing too damn far. That is especially true about her indecision over her relationship with Zion, at one point in the book I actually started rooting for them not together. I was just too done with Aubrey. I have to say this last thing about Aubrey, she did the thing that I really really hate in heroines. She made stupid choices which landed her in undesirable positions, she then needed to be saved by the Hero and was of course ungrateful for that….ackkk!

Perhaps I should tell you why I didn’t completely hate this book- Zion. Zion was a decent character that I could get behind. He was the strong alpha male protective hero. I loved Zion’s back story, I even loved why he was named Zion. My favorite parts of the book were the books that were told from Zion’s POV. Actually, Aubrey was much easier to deal with from Zion’s POV.

I read this book because I thought it was an MC romance. If that’s why you are reading this, don’t. It’s not really a MC romance in the way those books flow. In fact, the MC angle didn’t really do much for the overall story but confuse me. Supposedly Zion was raised in the MC and usually that life breeds a certain type of character and loyalty. That’s why I’m still trying to figure out the decisions that Zion made. As much as I really enjoyed his character, and maybe because I didn’t like Aubrey, I couldn’t figure out why Zion did what he did for Aubrey. I know that’s vague but I don’t want to spoil it. If you read this book, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The relationship between Aubrey and Zion is very instaromancey. As you know, I don’t have a problem with that. My problem is when I don’t like one of the characters because then it’s harder for me to agree with the instant connection. I didn’t like Aubrey so you can see how that could have been a problem here.

All in all, this book was ok but there is a substantial risk that Aubrey will get on your nerves and you won’t love this as a typical MC romance. I don’t think I’ll read anymore in this series, I just couldn’t take another Aubrey type character.

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