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Monday, February 22, 2016

ARC Review: Chasing You by Kelly Elliott

Chasing You is the fifth book in the Love Wanted in Texas series. This series is a spin-off of Kelly Elliott's Wanted series featuring the children of the characters from the Wanted series. While it isn't necessary to read these books in order, I would recommend it if possible. Each book is a standalone story though. 

Meagan Atwood and Grayson Bennett first met when Meagan was on a girls trip with her friends. They reconnected later when she ran into him at her friend Grace's house, as he was the cousin of Grace's guy Noah. Their friendship grew from there, and their relationship quickly turned into them being best friends with benefits. But both of them know that what they feel is so much more. But then Grayson's newest coworker turns out to the be the awful girl that made Meg's life a living hell in college, and it appears that Grayson is dating her. But Grayson only wants Meg, and is determined to show her that it is for more than just the benefits. What neither of them could have predicted was a danger they never expected to threaten to take everything that they had found together.

I loved these two together so much! Meagan had never been my favorite of the series, and yet the more that we learned about her here, the more I began to love her. She was so much more than her facade and the impression she had made on me previously, and I really loved that we got to see a whole new side to her character. There was so much that had shaped who she was, and I felt so badly for her and all she had been put through. But I loved how it changed her and the person she became because of that. Grayson was sexy and sweet, and I adored him as well. He was perfect for Meg, and I loved how he wanted no one but her. Their chemistry was off the charts, and they already had such a great friendship and connection. But seeing them really admit their feelings and take the chance on a relationship together was so enjoyable to read about. 

The one thing I will say is that at the beginning of this book I didn't really understand why these two could admit to wanting more with one another and yet they were struggling so much with actually doing it. I understand being scared and not wanting to ruin things, but at the same time that didn't feel like the case here. It was a bit confusing why they would admit to wanting one another yet put each other in the friend zone, but luckily it didn't last long. I couldn't get enough of these two and I really liked how things ended up. There was a lot that happened here that I didn't see coming, and it was an emotional read. I felt like I was so invested in these characters and they were going through so much that I couldn't help but feel so strongly about it all. Kelly Elliott is a fantastic writer, and I love that she always brings out all the emotions because you are so invested in her stories. I already can't wait for the next book in this series, though I am sad as well since it will be the last. I am having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that I have to let these characters go, but I know that I will go back and reread their stories over and over again in the future. This series is one of my favorites, and if you are looking for good NA or Contemporary Romance stories that bring all the feels this series is a must read.

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