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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ARC Review: Runaway Vampire by Lynsay Sands

I love this series; I started reading it when they first started to come out and I lost track of it; so many books so little time, I found out on Goodreads I’m behind by like twelve books! But have no fear this is a great series it doesn’t matter if you jump in at this point or been reading every single book. If you have never read any of the Argeneau Vampire series, it is unique; and funny since every character argues the fact that they aren’t vampires when the series called Argeneau Vampires. It is unique in the manner of which they are vampires or immortals; decedents of the advanced civilization of Atlantis, and I love that sci-fi aspect of why and how they are the way they are. It’s a very humorous series; each book has that quirk in which makes it different from the others; this book the heroines runs over the hero with her RV; and she is also, for more than half the book, sixty-two years old. I loved the book it was fun, quirky, the characters are easy to sympathize with, and geriatric sexual tension.

Mary Winslow is a widow; she is taking her annual trip south as she usually did with her husband this time however she is only traveling with her dog. Mary along a long stretch of deserted highway late at night hits something. She stops and looks around but doesn’t see anything but has a really bad feeling. She takes note of where she is and leaves intending to notify the police at the next gas station. When she gets to the gas station she discovers a very naked very bloody man in her bathroom. She runs for help but soon everyone who goes in comes right back out a bit later saying that it looked much worse than it really was. Mary is confused and wondering what to do next when the naked man tries to steal her RV.

Dante Notte was in San Antonio investigating missing immortals when he and his twin brother were ambushed, shot with a potent tranquilizer dart and kidnapped. Dante was able to escape but was forced to leave his brother there. Dante was making a run for it when he ran into Mary’s RV. With the kind help of the Samaritans Dante was able to heal enough to make a break for it, but when he tried to control Mary he found that she was immune to his persuasive powers. For an Immortal like him that could only mean one thing, life mate.

Dante never thought this was the way he would find his life mate, but he wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth, he was still young by immortal standards he was extremely lucky to find her. Mary on the other hand was still healing from the loss of her husband. She didn’t want to feel the feelings or think the thoughts she was having about Dante, especially since she thought he was only in his twenties. But with the people who still have his brother were out there and still chasing him Dante is forced to tell Mary everything and even though it puts her in danger he has no choice. Dante plays bait, and when it almost kills Mary he does the only thing he can he changes her.

Mary and Dante have a lot to work through, and it is an exciting and adventurous ride along the way. Overall this is a great addition to the series and I definitely have to go back and read the books I’ve missed.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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