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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Guest Post with Author Landra Graf and Giveaway

Meet Landra Graf author of What You Crave.

Landra Graf has been crafting stories since the tender age of too-young-to-watch-rated-R. When she finally got old enough for adult material, she believed adult meant anything besides the smexy. Then she discovered erotic romance and all things kinky. Since then it’s been a journey down a rabbit hole. Landra writes BDSM erotic romance and historical erotic romance, among other less smexy offerings.

Imagine palm trees, waterfalls, and a relaxed tropical setting. Caribbean music plays in the background and as you enter the lobby a male with a six-pack of abs, and swim trunks hands you a glass of champagne from his tray.

“Welcome to the Isle of Bermuda,” he says as you grab the glass. “The casino is open 24/7 along with the buffet and free drinks are yours whenever you ask. Be sure to visit our club, The Triangle.”

He walks off leaving you to sip your drink while you admire the entrances, a plaque on the wall calls out the details. The casino was established in the late 80s and owned by Fernando Bermudez. The hotel being added on in the mid-90s, created a hot spot for locals and visitors to the area. Mr. Bermudez passed away in 2015 and the casino has passed to his son, Sigmund Bermudez. Still privately owned to this day, the Isle of Bermuda continues to be a bright spot as a local attraction and ideal location for honeymooners and retirees wanting an affordable option.

The picture of Sigmund reveals a man with short black hair, brown eyes, dark olive skin and a gorgeous pinstripe suit. Too bad this paragon isn’t milling around the lobby or you’d ask him out for a drink and maybe dinner. So instead you wander off to your room, to rest and get ready for a night of fun. Just maybe you’ll run into Sig at some point, at the Isle anything is possible.

My newest story, What You Crave, is the first of three new 1Night Stand stories in a series called Desperately Seeking Submissive. It’s all about BDSM and those practicing it finding love. The setting for these marvelous books is my own stomping grounds, Northwest Arkansas. This small corner of the world is known to most as the home of Walmart, but it also boasts some amazing hiking trails, delicious restaurants, a wonderful art museum, and several micro-breweries. If you ever have a chance to visit, I highly encourage it. In the meantime you can sink your chomps into this story for a taste of the area, which I’ll explore so more in the rest of the series.

Side note: It’s so exciting to be guest here today! I’ve been a fan of this blog for a very long time, and now I’m blogging about my own release. Thank you to Danielle for having me over!

Sigmund Bermudez has spent the last year out of the BDSM scene, mourning his father, and rebuilding the family business. When he loses a bet to his bodyguard that Madame Eve won’t locate a woman who’s down with his type of kink, he finds himself committed to a date he’s not sure he’ll enjoy.

Lauren Elser has heard about kinky escapades from one of her more challenging patients, and never taken part in one. When offered a chance to explore this undiscovered side of herself courtesy of 1Night Stand she jumps at it.

Neither of them are prepared for the emotional roller coaster that comes with their date, and soon shibari bondage play turns into so much more. The only problem is Sig’s not ready to open up and Lauren doesn’t want to be sued again. If they work past the issues there’s a world of wonder in store.

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With her limbs tied, her chest wrapped in blue nylon… the sight of those ropes did something to her insides, and she bucked upward. “Yes. Now your hands.”
She wanted his tanned skin against her pale white. Those fingers and palms back on the pearls he’d complimented moments before.

Her limited verbal plea worked because his palms brushed over both peaks. A moan escaped her and she cried, “Please.”

His head came low then, the visual blocked by his hair, but she felt everything. Hot mouth replacing skin, teeth grazing. The seconds dragged on with the administered torture and pleasure to not one, but both of her nipples. Then he whispered, “Do you want me to touch other places?”

She nodded, and a feral smile replaced his neutral expression.

Hot, callused skin connected with hers, sliding down her stomach, past her waist, and heading for the juncture between her thighs. More adventures led her to waxing earlier in the day, and she had a perfect landing strip, trimmed for this occasion. Not that she’d planned on this, but she’d hoped.

“I don’t normally do this.” One hand slipped between lace and flesh.

She shivered. “Then I’m the lucky one.”

A single digit glided over her clitoris and flicked the nub. Panting became her natural state like a dog, and she didn’t dare move for fear he’d stop. Another finger joined the fray, tracing the outside of her labia minora— holy hell! She’d reverted to high school biology terms. The slow movements, the careful exploration, made her crazy. The urge to scream, to cry out for penetration sat so close to the surface and the best way to stow the impulse involved reviewing what he did to her, how he did it.

Finally, he plunged both fingers inside at once and she let out a cry, some insane mewling noise. Her orgasm grew closer. Closer than she expected, but John had been right— delayed gratification increased the satisfaction.

He moved quickly, pumping in and out while tweaking her nipples. The pressure rose, a coiling sensation in her lower back and abdomen preceding the coming eruption, like a balloon ready to explode. She tugged at her bindings, straining against them and loving the burn, the pain they left while the peak rose higher.

As she crested, she called out “John!”

“No,” he said, his voice guttural and rough. “Call me Sig.”

Before she could ask what the hell? her release rushed forth, her legs jolting against the ties and moisture coating the fingers inside her. Eyesight blurred momentarily, the force stronger than ever before but all too soon reality came seeping back in. The name in her mind, the name she’d called, wasn’t real? “Who’s Sig?”

“I am.” He stared her straight in the eyes. The words were true and she felt exposed, manipulated, and embarrassed.


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  1. Ooh, this sounds really good! Based on your description of the island, I wish I was there right now!

    1. It's a fabulous slice of heaven in a somewhat dreary part of the country. Thanks for stopping by Sue! :)

  2. Thanks for that great guest post and excerpt. If we peeked in your bedroom, what kind of books would we find on your nightstand?

    1. You would find the latest from Tiffany Reisz and Roni Loren. I'm also a nightstand book hoarder. I think there's a Maya Banks, a Janet Evanovich and a Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me (one of my favs).

  3. awesome excerpt! Now I really want to know how he handles her "safewording" him over intimacy :) thanks for sharing!