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Sunday, February 21, 2016

ARC Review: Taking the Score by Kate Meader

I'm relatively new to the sexy nerd genre but I mus say there is something really offbeat about the sexy nerd books that I really get into. This was the story of Emma and Brody. It's a fun story with lots of quirky dialogue and some interesting twists and turns. It's not a literary work of art but it's entertaining and easy to read.

Emma is the dutiful big sister who gets caught up in a predicament trying to bail her hot mess of a little sister out of another bad situation. The story with Emma was really interesting. When we meet Emma, from Brody's POV, she is this frumpy secretary who's all business. From Emma's POV she is a reformed party girl who is determined not to make the same mistakes she has made in the past with men. It turns out that Emma's frump is more a disguise (an effective one) than anything else. Despite Emma's baggy clothed exterior, Brody finds himself attracted to her and fantasizing about his secretary. The situation ratchets up 1000 notches when he visits a strip club where Emma is working as a stripper...sort of. You have to read the book to get the exact story but I will tell you that Emma is the worst stripper ever. Of course Brody wants to know why the company compensation package is not enough for Emma and boy does he find out. Taking care of her sister is really sinking Emma financially and Brody turns into the white knight character. Frankly, I love the Cinderella ish and it totally worked for me.

I loved the explosion once Emma and Brody finally got together. I loved how dirty they both were with each other and how they both brought out the underlying freak in the other one. I am all about the bossy alpha men with endless financial resources so Brody was giving me serious life. If I had an issue with this book, it would just be that Emma's plans seemed really ill conceived. I HATE it when I'm reading one of these books and the heroine is in a near impossible situation but doesn't want to accept help from the Hero. I'm just not noble enough to understand suffering or trying to figure it out on your own when there is a hot guy there who can solve all your problems. Yes, the feminist did just revoke my monthly membership but seriously, I'm here for the fantasy.

I have to give a shout out to Emma's crazy ass cat. He was a great supporting character and I truly appreciated his shenanigans. This book is good fun, it doesn't offer anything life shattering or unexpected but I definitely recommend you give it a try.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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