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Sunday, November 6, 2016

ARC Review: Grasping Air by Carrie Aarons

Grasping Air is the second standalone story in the Flipped Series by Carrie Aarons. I really loved the first book, and I couldn't wait to find out more about what had happened between Peyton and Jared to bring them to the way things were. Don't worry if you haven't read Blind Landing though, as you will have no problems understanding anything here. Fans of the first book will definitely want to read this book though, and I loved getting to know Peyton and Jared better. Though they were very different, 

Peyton and Jared once had a week long fling before everything between them blew up. Now years later, they can't stand each other and go out of their way irritate and antagonize each other. After getting cut from the women's team right before the Rio Olympics, Peyton is ready to rejoin the team for the post summer games tour. But while Peyton is ready to redeem herself, Jared is determined to keep his distance and not let her under his skin again. Peyton and Jared quickly realize that the line between love and hate isn't as clear as they once thought it was. 

I will admit that Peyton was a bit hard to warm up to. Not that she was unlikable, but until you got to see a bit more beneath her surface I just didn't understand her. Once we started to find out more though, I liked her a lot. She was different than the other girls on the team and her reason for being there was one that I understood and really drove her to act the way she did. While I didn't always agree with her actions, I did see where she was coming from and I was rooting for her to figure things out with Jared from the start. I really liked Jared, he was more on the serious and sweet side, and so different from Peyton. I thought that he was exactly what she needed, while she also brought out a side to him that was missing. She really loosened him up and I loved how dirty and sexy he was with her. These two had off the charts chemistry right from the start, but what kept me reading was seeing how their emotional connection grew as these two let go of the past and began to repair what had been broken between them years before. 

Overall, I am loving this series. Carrie Aarons was a new to me author when I read Blind Landing, and with Grasping Air she has quickly become an author that I am anxious to read more from. I have really enjoyed both of these books, and I really like her writing style. I will definitely be reading more from Carrie Aarons in the future and I highly recommend this series especially to those that love sports romance stories like I do.

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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